Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Kung Hey Fat Choy - Year of the Rat

From our family to yours we wish you a Happy New Year. You can say this several ways:

To wish each other a Happy New Year, the Chinese characters are
The New Year’s greeting in Cantonese is Kung Hey Fat Choy, which means Congratulations and Be Prosperous. When the New Year’s greeting is said, there is a specific hand gesture. Here’s a picture of the correct hand gesture made for the Chinese New Year. The head of our agency for Katie told me that…Xin nian kuai le means Happy New Year in Mandarin, and is normally said to a young person.
Xin = NewNian = YearKuai le = Happy
Xin nian jian kang is normally said to an elderly person.
Jian Kang = Good Health
Xin nian hao is normally said to someone you don’t know on the street.
Hao = Good
Gong xi fa cai can also be said for the New Year.
Gong xi = CongratulationsFa cai = Prosperity
Xin nian kuai le!

We had a wonderful New Year Celebration. Our local FCC Chapter holds an annual event at a wonderful and very authentic Chinese Restaurant on South Beach that one of our member families owns. They always provide the Lion Dancers and fireworks to be set off right after the Lion dancers are done....such fun!!

Katie was not too thrilled; in fact she was downright upset by the "loud and scary" lion dancers but Ethan was VERY excited to say the least. He wanted to feed the lions money and got to do that 3 times and each time the lion came too close he scolded them very loudly. After it was all over he clapped and squealed with excitement.

We had a ball and hope that the year to come is as much fun as tonight. I am sure it will be :) Here is a photo slideshow and a video of the lion dance. Notice Mr. E feeding the lion and also notice the lion's hand coming out of the mouth when it reaches up to "eat" it's money :)

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Tammie said...


I am so sorry that we had to miss last night's event. But Erin is truly terrified of the noise & the dancers. (Please tell me that this will change. I'm begging.)

The pictures & video clips are wonderful!

Vivian M said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures, we so missed going this year!
Kerri is missing her friends horribly, and I can't say we are doing much better.
Happy New Year dear friends, and may the Year of the Rat bring you peace, love, happiness and prosperity!