Saturday, February 09, 2008

Dragonfest Fun

Today we went up to the Palm Beach Zoo with Grandma for Dragonfest. This is an annual event that celebrates CNY. There were several of our FCC Families there as well as some other families with Chinese Children from the Palm Beach area. CNY is over a 15 day period and we will be celebrating on three seperate occasions. Next week we are going to our agency party about 4 hours northwest of us in Tampa.

We had another great time today. After the martial arts demonstation and the Lion Dance(Katie was brave enough to feed the lion money this time) we were off to see the animals. The one animal that Katie really wanted to see was the elephant and they unfortunately did not have one at this zoo. We told a "little white lie" to her because she was so upset that we did not see one. We told her that the elephant was sleeping and that we could not wake him up as it would not be nice to do so. She gave us what we call; "the look". Believe me when I tell you that you have never seen such disgust in one child's eyes as Katie's when she is giving "the look". We have told family and friends about "it" and when they get "it" they know they have been on the receiving end of "the look". There is no mistaking it.

We took "the look" with a grain of salt and moved on. After about an hour of walking around the zoo after lunch, the south florida heat began to get to us so we went back to the front of the zoo where they have a zero level water feature that the kiddos love. They eagerly stripped down in anticipation and when I went to put on their bathing suits I found that I had two in my bag for Ethan and none for Katie....typical! Thankfully, she is a toddler and can wear a boys bathing suit with no problem ;-)

Ethan is still a bit under the weather with the remnanats of a cold but the two of them had a wonderful time running through the water in the almost 85 degree heat. You gotta love February in South Florida.

We decided that it was time to go as we felt a rain storm coming on and we told them that we needed to get going. There was "the look" again...but we changed them into clean clothes and off we went. Within minutes they were both asleep.

When we got home we found a package waiting for the kiddos from Aunt Shirley. I have mentioned Aunt Shirley on my blog before but for those who do not know of her she is Marc's aunt on his dad's side and she is abolutely, positively in love with our children. We have given her the honorary position of their third grandma. She is also an amazing knitter and she has made the most beautiful items for both children. This package held more wonderful handmade goodies for Valentines day as well as a few store bought ones. There was an exquisite wool purse for Katie as well as a stuffed yellow bunny for Ethan with a heart on the front which symolizes both his repaired heart condition and the love that the family holds for our son within their hearts. How amazing is that!! She also sent Dora Slippers fot Katie which she has not taken off. She is calling them her "slipperies". They also received a book, a huge package of M&Ms and two huge pencils.

Thank you from all of us Aunt Shirley. We can't wait to see you again!

Just another day in the very active lives of the dynamic duo :)

Arriving in their charriot is the dynamic duo
Pensively watching the lion dancers
Members of our group
The terrific trio of Aimee, Hansen and Cady
Feeding the goats
Water fun

Beautiful gifts from Aunt Shirley

On our way to the zoo - the kids switched car seats so I could wipe Ethan's nose during the drive cuz it was running like a faucet :(

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Feeding the goats

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Loving the water

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Tammie said...

It looks like everyone had a great day! Lovely weather, good friends, children. What more could you ask for!?

Aunt Shirley sounds so sweet. The bunny & purse are adorable. I can see Katie Starr walking around in her new slipperies carryiing her purse.

I mentioned the zoo & dragonfest to David in the morning. Erin nixed it when she heard about the lion dancers. I got her "are you joking or dumb or what" look as she "reminded" me how she doesn't like them. One day. I can dream. Right?

Vivian M said...

I love that zoo, Kerri spent most of the day playing in those water fountains.
Glad you all had a wonderful day!