Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Life is all about change and how we adapt (or not) to it. The adoption experience teaches you about how to stay in the moment and not project too far into the future as the changes that occur do so in rapid succession and when you think you have a handle on your situation there is change in it again.

Life with the children keeps us growing and changing and that is a great thing. It has put life in perspective for me especially as my business life has crumbled around me. As everyone knows, the real estate industry has never been in worse shape. Since the day that Hurricane Wilma hit South Florida in October of 2005 our business has met with a steady decline that has taken our very successful long term business right into the toilet. We are presently fighting for our life there and I do not know the outcome but as they say "it don't look good" The business has always given us a great income but for me, not a great deal of personal satisfaction. I yearn to find something that can fulfill some of my life's passion.

One of my life's passions is parenting and adoption. My children, bio and adopted, have given me the greatest joy in life and if I can help people build their families this way it would give me great joy.

Out of the clear blue, I received a call from a representative from the agency that we used for Katie, Great Wall China Adoption, and that call was to offer me a position with the agency as Director of the South Florida region for them. This position would entail both educating couples about adopting through the China program but also assisting them through the process and counseling them on their alternatives to the China program if they do not qualify. I was very gratified to say the least that they would approach me for this position and I have decided to take it on. I will still be doing everything in my power to save the business that has always paid the bills (up until recently that is) and I will be taking this position on in addition to my other responsibilities. As I always say..a busy person has time for everything.

On another note of change...

Late last week Ethan and I attended a transition meeting. That is the meeting that will lay the foundation of his transition from the early steps program (which is from birth to age 3) up to the county school board. They did a little preliminary testing and also discussed what we can expect next in the process. They were as pleased as we were to see how well he is adapting and how nicely he is progressing in many areas.

One of the areas of concern that still exists is Ethan's overall social and emotional development. He is still lagging in this area. The early intervention staff made the recommendation to us that we place Ethan in preschool a couple of days a week as that would be the best way to get him to the level he needs to in a more expedient manner. Marc and I talked about placing him in the preschool that Katie goes to on the mornings that she is not there. He would go on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 3 hours each day.

Marc took him down there today to see how he did while he was there and he really seemed to enjoy himself. He was awesome with the free play time but when it came to more structured activities such as story time he drifted around and did not want to stay with the group. We asked the teacher (who is also Katie's teacher) what she thought about E being in her class at his development level and she thought it was just fine. She only has 3 other children in her class on Tuesday and Thursday so it gives her plenty of time to get him with the program. She told us that many children have the same issues and not to worry.

On a funny note; Marc relayed to me that when it was time for snack and Juice that Ethan finished first, got up, threw away his napkin and yelled to the class "all done!!" He then came back and asked for more please!.....feeding issues? What feeding issues!!! ROFL!!!

We will go back one more time with him to acclimate him and then he will be in preschool too...wow!!

Here is a video taken at dinner last night. We were eating a chicken and rice dish that we brought in. They give you a pita with it and I usually make a pita sandwich out of part of my dinner. Well, Ethan obviously was watching me and our little "eater" did quite a job as well...enjoy!

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Tamara said...

Congrats on the new job with Great Wall! I would love to be able to do something like that. I am sorry that the real estate market is in such a decline. I know that you will enjoy the adoption work so much!!
Glad to hear that Ethan is doing so well- we go for Moose's eval on 3/14 to see if she is going to need any additional ST after she is three.
good luck and Again- CONGRATS!!!!

Tammie said...

What can I say? I am thrilled that you took on the job with Great Wall. As I told you previously, I think you are the perfect person for the job. It's good to know that someone like you is out there helping families get to the end of their rainbow.

Ethan in preschool huh? Wow that happened quickly! Love, nurturing, confidence building. That's what got him to this point, & it all came from you guys. I can't wait to hear all about his first day!

I love watching Ethan eat his chicken & pita. He is really coming around with the food issues. Yay!

JoAnn in NJ said...

Congrats on the new job Lori! I know real estate has really been challenging lately and its great to see you have another way to go!

And Ethan is doing so well under your loving care...way to go!

Vivian M said...

As long as you don't make me cry, I am thrilled beyond words. I think you will be wonderful in your new role!
Are you sure Ethan has eating issues? Because so far he seems to love oranges and pita chicken. He is doing so great, and you and Marc and his siblings are a big part of that (it's not just about the therapy...what happens at home is just as - if not more -important, in my opinion anyway).
As for the real estate market, it really stinks, but I hope there will still be people who will retire to Florida. Maybe your market needs to target the baby boomers in the North? Wish there was an easy solution.

Monica said...

Congrats on the new job! Does GW know how lucky they are to have you?

My old boss used to say if you need something done right the first time ask a busy woman.

Ethan sounds like he will fit into pre-k just fine. Our Katie also has some issues with the more structured times but has slowly been getting better.

I'll try to give you a call soon to catch up.


Jeanne said...

Hello Lori

I am Lily and Rose`s Nannis and have been visiting your blog for a long time now but have never left a comment before. Your twinnies look adorable, you must be so proud of them both. Congratulations on the new job, they are very lucky to have you. My very best wishes for the future.

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...


Thanks so much for commenting. Dawn has told me all about you and when you come visit we must get together. You sound so wonderful.

Thanks for the comment and keep them coming ;O)