Saturday, March 01, 2008

Keeping the dynamic duo happy

The kiddos are always much happier when they get the same things and I mean EXACTLY the same things. I thought we did that during Chanukah when we got them both tricycles and then realized very quickly that because Ethan's is red and blue and Katie's is pink and purple that they are not exactly the same and one always wants to use the other one's. That is until they want their own back because the other one is using theirs. Now I make sure that I do the "exactly the same" thing for our sake.

Today, I had to go to Target to pick up a couple of things and I stopped at the dollar spot where I found the most adorable mini Elmo backpacks. My initial thought was to get Ethan the Elmo backpack and to get Katie the Zoe backpack. I am so glad that I got both of them Elmo. They love them and there is no fighting...yeah!!

Mealtime has been difficult but it does get a bit better every day. As I had mentioned previously, we have had to devote so much attention to Ethan to encourage him to eat that there have been times that Katie decides that she wants to be a baby again and be fed. We have taken steps to ease all of this up and it seems to be working.

Katie decided this morning that she wanted to help feed Ethan like he was "a baby". We really do not have to do that anymore but Katie loves playing mama with him and so here is the lil mama feeding her baby :)

In this video you will see Ethan using the sign for "more" a couple of times and also Katie uses a phrase to try to get him to eat which is "chew, chew (choo choo) like train! We do not know how she started saying this but it is so adorable and helpful that we just love to hear it.

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It is amazing how well Ethan took the food from Katie. It was mandarin oranges which is still a fairly new food for him. Mr. E is making strides every day and so Is Katie in her ability to navigate her roll as a sister.


Tammie said...

Awesome video clip of the Dynamic Duo. Katie Starr is such a sweet girl, & Ethan is coming along beautifully. 2 thumbs up for both of them!

Vivian M said...

Very cute. Kerri had that same Elmo shirt (and obsession) from 2-3 years. Then came Dora and Diego (heads up).
What a wonderful big sister Miss Katie is! And Ethan looks forward to the next spoonful- now that's beautiful to see!
You all are doing such a fabulous job.

Diana said...

How adorable!!

kira said...

Aw! Adorable video. Love the backpacks! You got them at the Dollar Store! Wow!