Thursday, March 27, 2008

This is Heartless!

If you have not already heard, Walmart has decided to take $470,000 from Debbie Shank, a 52 year old mother of three (One of her sons recently died in Iraq), who was involved in a terrible car accident crippling her short term memory, leaving her in a wheelchair, and in a nursing home. Because of the fine print of Walmart's health insurance plan, since Debbie was involved in a car accident and was awarded the money to take care of the tragic aftermath, they are entitled to take all the money that was supposed to go to taking care of Debbie.

THEY ACTUALLY WANT $470,000 from this handicapped woman in a wheelchair, who needs it to be taken care of in the future. This coming from a company that made $90 billion last quarter...Here is the link to the full story:

As far as I am concerned this is despicable and I am passing on this story and link to everyone I possibly can and this is just one way to accomplish that. Please make your voice heard with this heartless corporation and boycott them until they do the right thing by this woman.

OK, tomorrow I will get back to the business of blogging about my Lil ol' life; thank you for listening :)


Michelle said...

This just makes me hate Wal-Mart even more than I already do....Consider them boycotted. (Although I have been boycotting for about 8 years now)

Kathryn said...

How appalling, I never shop at Wal-mart and never will what a horrible reputation they have!!!!!!! It's completely outrageous!!!!!!!!!!!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Yet another reason why I won't go near a Walmart store.


njdental said...

go ahead lori my advocate. I been following CCNon Walmart\story. I recommend a one day boycott to startagainst Walmart. They will lose more than what they plan to recoupe. PEOPLE POWER. I heard that tonight is one hour lights out all over the world. The tradition reached Austrialia . Even the Golden Gate Bridge - lights out. How about an entire clsoe down Walmart for a weekend. LOri the ball is in your court. I nominate you to start the movement

uncle howard

Kristy said...

I have not heard about this, thank you for sharing.


Beverly said...

All insurance companies have this. If you are ever paid or awarded any monies that were previously paid by one insurance company you are obligated to pay it back. The woman's attorney knows this too. If not then he sucks. Now Walmarts good heart could excuse it but the insurance company is within their rights. Your own policies say the same thing. There is a fancy name for it and most car insurance companies will send you a form to sign before they pay out stating that you agree to reimburse if/when awarded any monies from a law suit or other insurance companies.