Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I know; it's been awhile!!

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy and to be quite honest I have not felt the least bit inspired to blog about it. I am getting not so subtle comments about my lack of posting so here is a short update and pics of the kiddos, which is probably all that is wanted anyway :)

We have been very busy with the dynamic duo. There have been lots of play dates, occasions, reunions and even a holiday thrown in for good measure. Two highlights that come to mind is taking Katie Starr to her first movie; Horton Hears a Who. She was mesmerized. You should have seen her tiny self, not even able to hold the seat down with her petite little body with a hot dog in one cup holder, a lemonade in the other one and popcorn in her lap. She was in heaven doing her two fav things; watching a movie and eating! I got to do one of my fav things as well; watching her having such a good time. She talked about it for days.

The other highlight was a reunion with our friends Viv, Corey and Kerri from Canada. They had a very short visit and we were able to arrange an impromptu dinner with several families and then I invited everyone back to our home so that the children could play while we visited. It was a wonderful visit but way too short. I got a few pics from one of my friends as I did not use my camera that evening.

Enjoy the pics!

Elephant that Aunt Shirley knitted for Katie (She sent another package of gifts..thanks again Aunt Shirley!!)

Ethan and Katie in their Purim Costumes

Dada and the dynamic duo watching a movie together
Mama and her two babies
Katie and Ethan's friend Erin driving Ethan around the house
Sweet girls, Erin and Kerri who visited us from Canada with her mommy and daddy
Our playroom being tested by lots of kiddos
Ooooh, that face slays me!
Katie seems to have a huge interest in photography (Katie seen here with my good friend Kim)
Putting my hot air to good use


M3 said...

Love the update (and of course the many pics) hooray!!

Jane said...

Nice pic Lori - Miss you, ME

Beverly said...

Great pics.


Tammie said...

It's nice to see you back in BlogLand!

I was hoping to take Erin to see Horton Sees a Who also. She goes with camp & wants us to take to a movie. Maybe this weekend.

Love the pics!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Love the little elephant it is so cute!

You've cut your hair.....love it.

Was hoping to get together very soon but now Lily has her own social calender that basically gets in the way of mine!

kira said...

Love the pic with you and the kiddos. Great one of you blowing up the baloon too. lol.