Monday, April 21, 2008

Catch up Monday

I kinda feel like I am always trying to catch up so this title fits nicely. This weekend was no exception to the busy pace of our life with the dynamic duo. Marc and I have always been an "on the go" couple but these two have brought our crazy schedule up a few notches.

Friday evening was my good friend Shannon's birthday. She invited us to dinner with her extended family for a lovely celebration at a local Italian Restaurant. We had a private room that allowed all of the kiddos to get up between courses and work off a little energy. We had a wonderful time....Happy Birthday Chach!!

Saturday was a day full of errands and seeing my folks for lunch. Then, in the late afternoon we used our pool for the first time since last fall as it is finally getting warm enough to use...kinda. It actually was a bit cooler than we initially thought but the children had such great time. It was Ethan's first time in and he was so adventurous it was amazing!

Sunday was VERY busy as unfortunately a close friends father passed away and we attended his viewing. We went from there to pick up Marc's mom so that she could accompany us to a family Passover Seder which was about 75 miles south of her and she is about 40 miles north of us. We all went down and had a wonderful time with Marc's cousin and family.

Funny story from the Seder.: Part of the Seder discusses the 10 plagues brought upon Egypt. Marc's cousin Jeff did a good job at making the Seder "kid friendly" and when it came to the plagues, Jeff used props. He used rubber frogs, plastic locusts, Styrofoam hail etc. He kept throwing them to the children. After we moved on from that and were eating from our Seder plates, Katie hands me bits of Styrofoam from her mouth as she blurted out "this hail does not taste good" Bwahahahaha!!! All of us just burst out in hysterical laughter. Jeff exclaimed "Katie, you ate my hail??" Oh, we had such fun with it for the rest of the evening.
Jeff and his wife Kathy had a passover birthday cake for Katie and I that was quite delicious and of course Katie enjoyed blowing out more birthday candles and being sung to again.
After dinner when we were just hanging out and talking, Jeff and Kathy's daughter, Brittany played with the kiddos and took them into her room. They loved that; especially Katie who loves older children. Brittany is not a child (she is 15) but Katie loved being with her. They were listening to music in the room and playing with flashlights in the dark. I walked into the room and Katie is laying on the bed with her flashlight and she looks at me and says "close the door mom!" Oh my goodness; I can see what lies ahead. it was like the 3 year old thought she was 13...too funny!
We got home quite late; it was quite a day.

Today we went to get pictures taken of the DD and the first place we went to was not open and the second place was but after a very challenging photo session ( I am being kind) their computer program went on the fritz and we left empty handed. I only hope that the pics were not lost forever. The last thing we need is an encore of the production.

Stay tuned and here are some pics from the weekend into Monday.
Katie, Mia and Ryan

Singing to Aunty Shannon


Katie hugging her little bro before swimming

They adore each other and hate to be apart

Happy girl in her bathing suit

Daddy and Mr. E

Daddy and Miss Starr

Birthday girls blowing out the candles

Mouths full of food

Cookie Monster

Cousin Jeff giving rides

Cousin Brittany with Mr. E (She commented to her mom that she will wait a long time to have children as they are a lot of work..LOL tell me about it!!)


Tammie said...

Wow! What a busy weekend!

It looks like everyone had a blast at Shannon's birthday celebration. That restaurant is really awesome.

Your Passover seder sounds & looks like a lot of fun. Of course with good food, fanily & friends what could go wrong? BTW, can you get the recipe for that cake? It looked yummy!

Candy said...

How nice that Katie got to celebrate her birthday again.

I love Ethan's eyes in the Cookie Monster picture.

Looks like you had a great time.

Happy Passover!

Vivian M said...

Happy Passover!
I love that little Italian restaurant, the decor is hilarious and the food is pretty good too.
Sorry about the pictures, hopefully they are not lost!
Happy birthday Lori and Katie!!!!

Kathryn said...

Sounds Like you all had a great weekend!!!!! Happy Passover and as usual your dynamic duo are adorable and getting so big!!!!!!!!!!!

Tamara said...

Your weekends sound like mine. So happy to hear that Katie is doing well. Time just flies by- I can't believe we are celebrating 3rd birthdays.
Love the hail story!

Judy said...

Hi Lori, just checking in to say hello. Sounds like everyone is doing great. I can only imagine how busy it is for you guys with your kiddos. We keep very busy for just having 1 kiddo! Let me know if there are any trips planned to Orlando in the near future. Take care.