Saturday, April 05, 2008

An Evening Honoring Royalty

Disney Royalty that is...

Last evening two princesses (Katie Starr and Mia) went with their mother's; Queens Lori and Shannon to see Disney Princesses on Ice. Two Queen mothers went as well (Mia's Nana Pattie and Nana Carol). Now I am not usually much for princesses and for the whole happily ever after thing. I am of the mind that no one is responsible for my happily ever after except me but somehow I could not resist taking my only daughter (dressed as Snow White) along with her BFF Mia (dressed as Cinderella) to watch this fantasy on ice. I am glad that we went as it was a wonderful time had by all and the stuff that dreams are made of. The girls were mesmerized and so were we while we were enjoying watching them. Shannon and I could not help but get choked up as we always take time to breathe in the happiness that are our children.

This evening Marc and I took the dynamic duo to "Worldfest", a festival highlighting the cultural diversity in the area that we live in. It was a very small and actually quite lame event but we enjoyed just walking around with them in their wagon and then ending our visit with some fun on a tremendous inflatable slide. I did not have my camera with me but the kiddos had a blast and I was utterly amazed at the strength Ethan has developed. It was a steep climb up the inflatable and he did it four times. Each one was a bit slower than the last but our tenacious child did not give up and he was rewarded with a exhilarating free fall down the slide. Both of them squealed with glee and were just so adorable.

Here are some pics of our princesses and the dynamic duo in the bath this evening.


Candy said...

Cute Pics from Disney.
David, Rachel and I went to WorldFest this afternoon and thought the same. It was too hot too.

Angel said...

I love the pictures. I took Gracie to the ice show Thursday night. We had a great time!

Kristy said...

They both are just too darn cute!!!

Tammie said...

Looks like the princesses & the queens all had a nice evening together. I'm assuming the queen mothers enjoyed themselves too. I love how you describe breathing in the happiness of motherhood. Perfect.

The Dynamic Duo are going to take issue with these pics when they're older. My brother & I die of embarrasment whenever we come across ours.