Thursday, April 24, 2008

One down and one to go

About a week ago we took Ethan out of his pull ups and went to underwear. He is doing awesome. He has only had 2 accidents at nap time and that is because he sleeps so deeply during the day. He is even staying dry at night but for awhile we will keep him in diapers at night as we do not want to give him access to walk around the house yet as his maturity level in other areas is still a bit behind. The teachers at his preschool are so thrilled and say that he is doing great there as well.

Our little Boy amazes me. He still has many challenges to overcome and yet he is such a big guy when it comes to his personal habits. The other day I found him and Katie brushing their teeth all by themselves. He loves to try and dress himself and can do most of it with no problem including his shoes and socks. He loves to say "I do that" and he looks very proud of himself.

Katie shows no interest and it will take potty boot camp to get her where she needs to go. The first available weekend that we have "Private Katie Starr" will have to report to her potty station and give us a specimen. Katie is a complex little girl and she over thinks most everything so please send some positive vibes my way for our next potty trainer :)


Tamara said...

Hey Lori!
We are right there with you. I don't know what it is going to take to get the Moose trained. She shows mostly no interest- and has only used it a few times. The daycare is going to start there- and like you - one weekend we are going to have potty time- "All Potty-All Day"
I don't mine an Army of Two- but I would like to have part or all of that Army out of diapers.

Vivian M said...

Where is this potty boot camp? Because Kerri is going too!

Candy said...

That's great that Ethan is potty trained. I think Rachel may join Katie & Kerri at boot camp. Just let me know when and where.

Diana said...

We bribed..I know a lot of people as against bribing buy when my oldest was 2 1/2 he wanted this plastic golf set and I said "we either buy the golf set or diapers, not both". He would walk around the house saying "No more diapers". (He is almost 15 and I would love to have him as 2 1/2 again:)
Needless to say..he got the golf set!!
Now he walks around the house saying "Gosh MOM"!! and I say "do you want to see 15"

Tammie said...

Lucky you! Ethan is such an independant little guy when it comes to these things. Katie Starr is more like Erin. She'll do it all but in her own time. Now we just have to get Katie Starr's own time to match mommy & daddy time.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Way to go Ethan...what a little "pooperstar". As for Katie Starr, all in good time. She isn't going to be upstaged by Fishman for too long I am sure.