Saturday, April 26, 2008

It was a very happy birthday

Marc threw me a wonderful party!

He hired a caterer to cook and serve for us and 6 other couples throughout the evening. He did this for my birthday about 4 or 5 years ago and we had such a blast that I asked him to do it again as my birthday gift. It is such a gift to be able to not do anything while hosting a party other than spend time and create memories with friends. This really is right up Marc's alley as a gift anyhow as he entertains for a living and he is very creative. He set to work on Friday morning to create an elaborate experience from beginning to end. It started out poolside with drinks and hordouvers and then after about an hour we were led into our transformed living room which was now our dining room (we needed a large dining area. ) Marc had draped it off from the rest of the house and had decorated it beautifully; from the beautiful table cloth and linens to the chair covers and draped pillars as well as flowers, candles, and pictures of me throughout my adult life everywhere. Even though I have seen him do things like this before it always takes my breath away. We started our 4 course dinner and between the food and the conversation we had a wonderful time. After dinner we ended up on the patio again where we began to regale each other with hilarious stories about our past and then finally I had Marc bring out a game called catch phrase which is kinda like a cross between the $10,000.00 pyramid and hot potato. This game has always been a hoot to play but last night was totally over the top and we laughed and played until almost 1:00 am.

My parents kept the dynamic duo for us overnight so we could really enjoy our evening. It was the first time that they have spent the evening without us and sleeping elsewhere. They did just awesome. They love both sets of grandparents and are very comfortable with them.

We went to bed at 2 am and I still woke up at 6:40 am (the time I usually get up). I did get back to sleep for an hour and then called my folks who told me everything was great; what time are you coming?? Too funny!! I think my folks were totally worn out by the experience which was made a bit more challenging by their very excitable and very sweet dog (Precious). Taking care of the dynamic duo is not for the faint of heart. They are VERY busy; most especially Ethan. You have to keep your eye on him constantly lest he get into something that he should not. All in all though it was a wonderful experience for all four of them :)

Thank you Marc for a wonderful and unforgettable evening. Thank you Mom and Pop for taking care of the children so beautifully so that I could really enjoy my celebration!

There were only a few photos that came out so this will give you a little feel for the evening...

Marc standing to by me at the table

Part of the top of the table

Yummy birthday cake


M3 said...

Happy birthday -- that looks like an insanely fabulous party. Way to go Marc!

Tammie said...

Girl that man of yours is a total keeper! How romantic! It sounds like a totally wonderful birthday present to spend the evening with good friends, good food, the love of your life & not have to worry about anything beforehand or afterwards.

Diana said...

Happy Birthday...Your husband is WONDERFUL!!!
It looks and sounds like a WONDERFUL evening.
We have catch phrase and it is a lot of fun:)

Vivian M said...

WOW, he did GOOD!!! For a minute there I thought it was your wedding anniversary, it looked so romantic with the roses everywhere!
Happy wonderful birthday Lori!!!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Wow, what a sweet hubbie you have. Your party looked so lovely.

I know that you rent Marc out but how about the babysitting parents???????