Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Water Water Everywhere!!

Water Part 1

Ethan began survival swimming classes today. I put Katie in them last summer and they were just awesome. I will be putting her in as soon as preschool is done as she goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and that is when the lessons are. They are 10 minutes a session and the instructor works with the child on becoming comfortable with the water and survival skills in case of emergency. Katie's first week last summer was pretty much what the teacher told us to expect; which was loads of crying and screaming but then she became comfortable and had a wonderful summer by the pool. Today, I did not know what to expect from Ethan as he is very adventurous but the teacher said that most kiddos are upset the first few times. Not Mr. E!! He loved every part of his lesson and wanted to stay for more. The children before and after him were screaming so hard that I thought the teacher's ear drum would rupture from the decibel level. She and I were so amazed and obviously thrilled! Here is a short video of our fish in training.

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Water Part 2

The water that I will be discussing in this part of the post is pee pee or for you adults who do not need to do kid speak ~ urine. As you know, Katie has been resistant to potty training even though the peer pressure from her younger brother already being trained is her daily example. She has never pee pee'd in the potty; that is until tonight! We had just gotten the dynamic duo out of the bath and they were in their room standing on an area rug while I was dressing them. Katie was waiting while I dressed Ethan and she was standing there naked as a jaybird. All of the sudden, she said "Mommy, that is wet!" while she pointed to a very tiny spot on the rug. I asked her if she had pee pee'd and she told me yes. I asked her if she wanted to go on the potty and she said yes and ran to the bathroom where Marc was still cleaning up. She proceeded to do her thing and was more than thrilled about it. We had told her that we would give her two M&M's if she did it so she asked for them and we happily supplied them. Then, about 45 minutes later she went on the potty again and received another two M&M's. About 15 minutes later she went into our home office where Marc was and told him that she had to go again. He asked her if she really had to go and she said yes. Then he asked her if she had to go because she wanted the candy and she said yes so he decided not to take her. One minute later she was standing next to him in a puddle. Men!!! I explained to him that indeed it is a game in the beginning until they connect the dots in their little heads; that is why Ethan asks us to go every time we are in a new place. The novelty for them is awesome and they want to see if they have the power to get a response!

I am pretty sure that he will take her seriously next time..hehehe!!


Candy said...

I can't believe how awesome Ethan was in the pool. This is great!
Congratulations on Katie going pee pee on the potty. I know it's so exciting. Rachel must have done is 100 time the first day and now I can't get her to do it at all. Good Luck! Marc, I hope you learned your lesson. LOL

Vivian M said...

Congratulations Katie!!! Yay!!!
Now if only Kerri would follow suit.
By the way, Ethan is doing great!

We5Chois said...

WTG Ethan! He looks so awesome in the water. Wow, he is an incredible little guy and he has such spirit. A true little merman.

As for Miss Starr - what can I say? You just need to find the right time and the right currency and it is amazing how quickly these kiddos catch on. It is a shame we can't teach our hubby's the same way. I am sure Marc will believe Katie next time - lol.

Sounds like a fun day.
Love ya, KimC

Tammie said...

Is it any wonder that you call Ethan "Fishman?" Great job on the swimming Ethan! I can't believe the power in his kick & how he was able to pull himself up on the side of the pool. My how far he has come!

As for Katie Starr, I'm so proud of your big girl. M&Ms are amazing. Those things will work magic each & every time. Poor Marc though. Who cares why they're going pee pee as long as they get to the potty in time.