Monday, April 28, 2008

Aunt Shirley is Here!!

Katie and Ethan's Great Aunt Shirley and Great Uncle Paul are here for a visit and their main mission for this trip was to see the Dynamic Duo. As we always say, Aunt Shirley is their honorary third grandmother and she is very special to them as well as to us. She always showers them with her beautifully knit presents as well as loving attention.

They are staying a little north of us by Marc's folks so as soon as they came in from New Jersey we went up to see them for dinner. We had an awesome time and of course it all centered around the children. They charmed the table and all of the surrounding tables as well. At one point, Shirley and Paul gave the children each a dollar bill as did Grandma and Grandpa. All of the sudden a couple sitting near us asked them to come over and they wanted to give them a dollar. We were caught between the cuteness of the situation and not really wanting them to accept their money but the couple was just so enchanted by them that we felt it would be insulting if we said no. All of the sudden they each had $2.00 in their hands and somehow when we left they had a total of $10.00 between the two of them. Other people were talking to them and trying to give them the hard candy that the restaurant gives out as you leave. The cuteness factor really seemed to be lucrative today...LOL

I am ashamed to say that I did not get even one picture as we left the camera at home. This weekend we will have a barbecue here at the house so be prepared for lots of pictures.


Tammie said...

You what!?!?

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Girl you ALWAYS keep your camera in your purse! It's just as important as lipstick! Especially when you have 2 such adorable children as Katie Starr & Ethan! Oh well. Live & learn they say.

I think it's absolutely wonderful that Great Aunt Shirley & Great Uncle Paul have come for a visit. Children can never be surrounded by too much love.

Vivian M said...

What a wonderful way to spend an evening! Looking forward to seeing the weekend pictures!

Tamara said...

I learned last week that you always take the camera with you! We went to dinner and of course the Moose did something to cute!
We always so that the girls are to cute and people just give them stuff- and your two are the same way. It could help pay for college.
Can't wait to see new pictures!!!
Happy Birthday!!!!

Steffie B. said...