Sunday, May 18, 2008

Finally with her forever family

Today is a very happy day for us. Last year, when Katie turned two years old we held a birthday party where we asked people to donate to Love Without Boundaries in lieu of presents for the surgery of a little girl from Katie's orphanage by the name of Wu Hong Cai. Katie was Wu Hong Shan so they were in the same sisterhood of girls in the orphanage at the same time.

The amount contributed far exceeded our expectations and put them over the top so that the surgery was done within days.

Fast forward to today. Wu Hong Cai is now Amy Peak and she is in the arms of her forever family. Take a peek :)


Vivian M said...

How very cool. And so wonderful to see a happy ending! Or maybe I should say a happy beginning!

Tammie said...

Wonderful news!! I can't wait to take a peak & see Amy.

We5Chois said...

Lori, that is awesome news. It is wonderful to see Amy with her new family.I know Katie will be so proud when she is older and learns how the love for her turned into a chance for this little girl to have a family. There is no greater gift.

tumbleintodreams said...

Oh my!!!! I didn't realize you did a party like that...... just like the one KD had for Cami! How cool! And I remember this baby as Wendy! I am convinced we are all CONNECTED.