Saturday, May 10, 2008

Look who greeted us at the door this morning!

Mr. or Ms. Turtle (I am sure there is a way to figure that out but the shell makes that difficult) came by to greet us this morning. He/She came a long way too as the canal that he/she would have come from is about two houses away from us. We live very close to the Everglades so we get to see lots of nature around these parts. It is very cool for us but probably not for the wildlife as there are too many vehicles and unfortunately accidents happen...not cool at all!

Mr. Mischief (Ethan) thought it was cool too and he wanted to get up close and personal with his new found friend. Of course, he had to touch him and talk to him. On the other hand, Miss Starr was non plussed and actually a bit grossed out by the thought of touching him. After everyone got their look see, Marc brought Mr./Ms T back to the canal and set him/her on the bank. He/She then took a huge dive back in. I am sure he/she was quite happy to get back on track.


Tammie said...

Awesome! What a great treat for Ethan to get to see a turtle up close & to touch it. The textures, the smell. I wonder what he thought.

Vivian M said...

How very cool!
And how sweet of Marc to take the turtle back to the canal.
Happy Mother's Day Lori!

Kathryn said...

Nice visitor, how sweet!!!!!
I wanted to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!

Judy said...

Happy Mother's Day! How sweet that Marc took Mr./Mrs. T back to it's habitat. We were recently blessed with ducklings and of course I posted 2 pics. It was so adorable and I am actually sad now that they are gone. It is so wonderful to be able to keep up with Katie and Ethan. They look great! Looking forward to meeting Mr. Ethan in person some time. Take care.