Sunday, June 01, 2008

Family Fun

It was another fun filled weekend for the dynamic duo and of course as you know if the dynamic duo is happy then so are Mommy and Daddy. Today was family fun day which is an end of the year event at their preschool. They also attended a birthday party this weekend. They had lots of fun at both events. The birthday party was held at "My Gym" and I was most impressed with the amount of upper body strength that Ethan has developed; both in therapy and during his swimming lessons. I was not able to get a good shot of him hanging from the rings or the parallel bars but believe me when I tell you that it was impressive.

Today, at the "Family Fun" event, the children were able to play on a tremendous water slide as well as other water fun inflatables and a bounce house. There was a DJ and crafts and lots of other activities to keep the fun going. We even won a themed basket at a basket auction (They were calling it a Chinese Auction until I brought the origins of that term to their attention) The basket was items for a day at the beach. There are all kinds of fun things in it, so we will have try them out very soon.

I ended the weekend showing the older kids (Justin and Judy) apartments as they will be moving in together by the end of the summer. It comes in handy sometimes to have a mother who is a Real Estate Broker ;-) We only saw a couple as I have the ability to see the price paid for the unit as well as how much is owed to the bank and let me tell you; there are a lot of people in trouble out there. It is quite scary but at least I can protect my kids to the best of my ability from being caught up in the middle of a foreclosure. There were even two listings where the foreclosure was already filed. I cannot believe that people would be so horrible as to rent to unsuspecting people who will end up losing all of their deposit and rent money...ugh!! I cannot wait for this market to start to turn around. It makes people do desperate things.

Lastly, I want to thank my dear friend Viv for nominating my blog for the "blogs that make my day" award. I am honored and quite honestly I wish that I could renominate you but the rules do not allow it. Yours always makes my day. Oh and BTW, I am no longer working for that Large China only agency. It was my choice but "Stress is still the New Black" around these parts.


Here is Thing One and Thing Two (who would not smile)

Smile for the camera

Justin helped me with the DD at the birthday party - Thanks Mr. J!!

Thing One just hangin' around


I love this water tunnel

The kiddos both loved flying down this huge can hardly see Ethan in this pic :)

Ethan loved it too...

If fun could be gauged by dirt then they had lots of it!


I love this one!

Eating lunch in the shade..

Double fisted cookie eater :)

This is our little "fishman" crying after some "self perceived wrong perpetrated against him"...our little guy can look mighty sad, can't he?


Tammie said...

Wow! It looks like an awesome day was had by all! The pics are really great. You know we can never get enough of the Dynamic Duo here.

Seeing all those people in foreclosure is just horrible. This past Christmas Eve Day, I had a woman walk into one of our offices & hand over the keys to her home. My heart ripped as she told the person she deals with that they can't afford to live life this way anymore.

Tammie said...

BTW, I left you something. Pop on over.

Jane said...

Mr. Fishman sure can eat now, and I think his face is actually filling out and he has the beginnings of a behind finally. I miss you guys. ME

Vivian M said...

Hey, don't forget to pass that award on!
The market is very scary, and I am glad you can protect your son. There was an article just a few days ago on CNN that talked about renters losing thousands because their landlords were being foreclosed on. If it is not too expensive, they might like living over where I was renting (when my condo was damaged by Wilma). Look up The Grove at Turtle Run. It had a nice business center, gym with trainer, and pool/jacuzzi. And the units were big and clean very private (they even have the option of renting a garage).
As much as I know you loved the idea of working with the adoption agency, I am glad you are no longer doing that. You have enough on your plate!!

Beverly said...

great pics and yes he can look sad.