Monday, June 02, 2008

What a Dope!!

I am talking about me!! Today was the Dynamic Duo's end of the year show; Suessical the Musical :) I forgot my video camera...doh!! I had my still camera with me so I decided to take about 20-30 seconds of video vs the still shots as we were a few rows back.

Katie Starr had been practicing her songs around the house for the past couple of weeks. It was so adorable. When we got to the show we decided that we did not want to sit too close because if she or Ethan saw us they may want to come sit with us ~vs~ staying with their class and then there would be no chance that they would perform.

All of the classes filed in and they sat in the front row waiting for their turn. Their eyes were as big as saucers as they looked around at all the families in the audience. All of the sudden I saw Katie look back over her seat and spot us! She turned around and she immediately turned to her brother to tell him because then his head shot around. Thankfully, they stayed put and when it was their turn they filed up and did their thing. We (Marc, my mom and myself) were so proud and had such fun watching them and all the children.

Now let me set the stage for this grainy short clip. This was their second song. Katie is on the far left next to the boy yawning during the song (smirk) and Ethan is on the far right. What I did not catch is the part towards the end of the song where Ethan decided that he wanted to be next to Katie and started inching towards her across the stage to his right in front of the other kids. he got about 1/3 of the way there before the song ended and had us all erupting in laughter.

These are the moments that make your heart swell and all of the hard work a dim memory.

Here ya go!


We5Chois said...

Those two are too darn cute and yo lady are fired from your position as mother of the year. how did you forget the video? Honestly, the gruesome twosome are going to need therapy in the future for that major blunder!!!

Love you and I can't believe how cute the kids are. It made me so proud to see our Ethan up on stage. He really has come so far. Of course, we already knew Katie was a Starr!

Tammie said...

Don't feel bad. You're not the only mother to forget her video camera for a time like this. All last year, David & I left ours at home also. But my question is this. IF these camera companies are going to put video capability in for us, why not make it so the clip isn't so grainy!?

Congratulations on such a special moment for the DD!! They really are so darn cute that it warms the cockles of the soul. Ethan has come so far in the short time he has been home. You'd almost not know he was the same little boy except for those soul-catching eyes of his. And Katie Starr just truly shines no matter where she goes.

M3 said...

Adorable!!! This kind of stuff makes up for ANYTHING we go through (plus if you're anything like me you mostly take pics/video of the good or funny stuff so in 20 years it's all we going to remember anyhow. ;-) )

Vivian M said...

That just made my day. Thanks for sharing!
And we won the dope award, by the way, not you. We went all the way to China with our camcorder and never checked to see if the batteries worked. They didn't, and we couldn't get any there, so we have no videos of China or Kerri in China.
Maybe they can do a repeat performance at home that you can videotape for them to have one day?

tumbleintodreams said...

Very cute..... next time request they put the dynamic duo side by side instead of on opposite ends! LOL