Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Choi 3 + The Dynamic Duo = 5 times the fun!!

After our FCC Luncheon ended today our good friends, Kim and Rich, tracked us down to one of my usual haunts (a fast food drive through for a diet coke) and while they were laughing at me and taking pictures at the same time they asked me if we could watch their kiddos while they get some last things done before their move next week to Shanghai, China. Of course, we were more than happy to help, even though I was the butt of their jokes.

As they were following us to our house their oldest daughter, Aimee (6) asked if they thought that we could handle 5 children...ROFL. Smart kid knew that we were more than double outnumbered. The rest was a blur of activity and fun that even included some swimming. Thanks goodness Aimee is quite the fish or we would have been in over our head so to speak. We could handle two inexperienced swimmers each but that was definitely our limit.

The kiddos basically brought out every toy that we own and even some we did not know we own. We played games, swam, ate, watched Big Bird goes to China, ate, read books and played more games. Katie Starr was completely enamored with Aimee (she loves big girls) and kept referring to her as her big sister. Marc had the nerve to say to me that we could still adopt a big sister for Katie.....NOT!!!! She will have to be happy to have friends that are pretend big sisters cuz I am so done!

When Kim and Rich came back for their brood we felt quite sure that we had shown them a good time and we were so happy that they were able to get some things done without the constant interruption of children.

We had loads of fun and the fact that our children fell asleep within 1 minute of hitting the bed was the icing on the cake. We will get to see our good friends once more before they head off to China and bid them adieu for now. I miss them already!

The Choi's are truly the most awesome family and this move to China has been a lifelong dream for them. It would be so great if all of you, my personal and bloggy friends, would go to to wish them well as they embark upon this awesome adventure.

Choi 5, We love you guys!!


Tammie said...

Sounds like a great afternoon was completed with a great evening. The kids all look like they had a blast.

Heidy & Joey said...

Oh my! it sounds like you guys had a blast! you guys are such good friends, I will keep you in mind if by chance in the future we need to do so me shopping ourselve... lol....

Vivian M said...

What fun! I love the dressing up, and Spiderman's shoes rock!
So Marc is open to adopting a big sister for Katie but you are not? good is he at persuasion? LOL!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Not that good...ROFL!!