Friday, July 11, 2008

I am Sam; Sam I am!!

We just left dinner and we are in the car when the following dialogue takes place:

Katie: "Where are we going?"
Me: "We are going to Sam's Club."
Katie: "We are going to see SAM!!!" (this is the name of their cousin that stayed with us for a few days two weeks ago)
Me: "No, baby..we are not going to see Sam; we are going to Sam's Club to shop."
Katie and Ethan: "Yaaaaaaaay!!! We are going to see Sam!! Yaaaaaaaay!!!"
Me: "OK Guys calm down; we are not going to see Sam; he is at home with Aunt Jane and Uncle Steve."
Katie and Ethan: "Ooooooh, OK!!" (Both look like they have lost their best friend)
Me: "OK, here we are...This is Sam's Club!"
Katie: "This is not Sam's Club; this is Home Bepot!" (That is not a typo)

Then while we are in Sam's Club Katie continues to ask "Where's Sam? How come I don't see Sam? Bwahahaha!


Shari McConahay said...

I wonder if Home Bepot is in the same land as "The Burber King", you know, the place where Dee Dee eats hamburgers and fries - LOL : )
Kids say the darndest things! Glad we have our blogs to document them all!

Vivian M said...

That was cute and funny!!!

Kathryn said...

Too cute for words!!!! I hope you are surviving your very busy party weekend. That was very brave of you!!!!
Take care!!!!

Suz said...

Those two would fit in very well at our house. Maybe they could ask in harmony and we'd have a new band concept.


Tammie said...

Too funny! And just goes to show how adorable they are. OTOH, it also shows just how much they love their cousin Sam.