Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To all of the extraordinary woman who read my blog :)

My dear friend Lisa is a wonderful and talented lady. Lisa is an entertainer and a singer/song writer that lives in the Los Angeles Area. This past Christmas, Lisa sent me a CD with a wonderful song. She also framed the lyrics and included them as a gift to me, as she wanted me to know that I am an extraordinary women in her life. The letter attached will explain how and why she decided to write and then produce the song and the attached video. It is a testament to how extraordinary she is. Please take a moment and read the following letter and then follow the link to the video. It is a project that can change the world and you, my friends, can be a part of it.

Lisa and I share a special life long connection and I am so proud to call her my friend. She and I both know that women have the greatest power of love, nurture and true inner strength. We can change the world with one act of kindness at a time.

Please take a few minutes and read the following e-mail that she just sent to me. After reading it please click on the link to see what the power of love can do.

There is even a clip of Katie Starr and I in it :)

Thank you all!


For the last year and ½ I have been on quite a journey and it has been a true blessing for me. I have so much to be grateful for and I’ve had this overwhelming desire to do something really special for the wonderful woman in my life.

In December of 2007 I wrote a song called An Extraordinary Woman. At the time my dear aunt had been diagnosed with cancer so I decided to send the song to her in hopes that it would inspire her to heal. Sadly she slipped into a coma the day it arrived and one month later my Aunt Bobbie passed away. If I had only sent it one day earlier maybe it would have changed the course of her life. It was then I realized that there are so many women in the world who don’t know how truly extraordinary they are and more often than not the message arrives one day too late.

So….. I’m sending this gift to you to let YOU know how EXTRAORDINARY I think you are. Take a moment to be alone with no distractions and click on the link below to receive this gift. Then please pass the gift on to at least 20 women in your life along with this note and a personal message if you like and ask them to do the same. Send it to your Mom, Grandmothers, daughters, sisters, Aunts, cousins, friends, and colleagues. Remember it doesn’t matter who you send it to because every single woman is Extraordinary!

As a result of my Aunts passing I felt a strong calling to create a resource to help women who are fighting cancer. I wanted to find a way to raise funds to get help for these women who struggle to accomplish everyday tasks like house cleaning, grocery shopping and getting to treatment which in my opinion can hinder their ability to fully heal.

The way I will be raising money is through the sale of the song “An Extraordinary Woman”. 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to two great organizations featured on the website. By sending this gift to all the women we know, imagine how many lives will be touched by this simple act of kindness and imagine how many women who are fighting for their lives will be given the opportunity to start the healing process. The possibilities are Extraordinary! I thank you in advance for participating and I have unwavering faith that this project will bring lots of peace, joy and healing to all women across the globe.

Click on this link:

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Vivian M said...

You had to go and make me cry again. You know, you truly are an extraordinary woman. And I am very fortunate to know quite a many of you.
And for that I am forever grateful, even if you made me cry again, sheesh.