Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Yup...we are crazy!!

This weekend we will be celebrating two big occasions. On Saturday evening we, along with our future in laws, will be throwing Justin and Judy an engagement party and then bright and early on Sunday morning, we will be co-hosting Ethan's and his friend Mia's Three Year old birthday party. Now, who's bright idea was it to make both parties on the same weekend, you may ask?!? That person will remain nameless to protect the not too innocent...LOL

Our to do lists are procreating and producing brand new to do lists and we are in the throes of the final days of planning before the big weekend of fun. My creative hubby Marc is actually making the centerpieces for the engagement party as well as hosting a game show for the event. He is amazingly creative and he is not afraid to execute on his creativity which is the skill I lack. The weekend should be a fun and crazy blur of activity.

I will leave you with the statement from the woman who took the cake orders for both affairs.

"Your celebrating your son's engagement party and your other son's three year old birthday? That is amazing!!"

It surely is :)


Tammie said...

I say blame it all on Shannon. Why not? She won't respond so go ahead. ;-)

Mazal Tov on an amazing & wonderful upcoming weekend! May you & your family know only naches from these events!

shannon said...

Tammie, IS that a DARE????
GOTCHA- I responded to the post!!!!!


PS- Lori are you shocked!!!!!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...


Yes, I am shocked!!! I hope that this is the beginning of a trend

Tammie: Even though I am thrilled that your post incited Shannon to action I must admit that she is not the guilty party that turned the upcoming weekend into the partyfest that it will be :)

Nice try though :)

Candy said...

It may be amazing, but it's also WONDERFUL!

Tammie said...


I just figured that eventually someone had to get Shannon to post a comment. ;-)

OTOH, I think having a joint birthday party is super cool!

Vivian M said...

Wow, my kind of people....hope you all have a blast at your parties and lots of fun!
Happy birthday to Mia too...
and my guess is that the guilty party is Marc, lol!

Julie said...

What a wonderful weekend. We always knew you guys were AMAZING.

kira said...

party animals! lol.

Gail said...

Well you're not crazy, just crazy in love with your children and life as we are with ours.

:) Gail