Friday, August 29, 2008

Highlights and "Low Lights" of the Day

Highlight - The DD woke up easily and were mostly cooperative with our morning routine. Marc took the kiddos to school, brought me home a bagel with a Diet Coke :) and we had a nice calm few minutes before he left for work. That is always a highlight!

Low light - Being called by Ethan's teacher to be notified that he had fallen flat on his face and busted his lip open at school. She informed me that he never threw his hands out to save himself. That is due to his poor startle reflex. You can read more about why he has that problem here. The teacher said that he had less chance to catch himself though as he was holding his lunchbox when he tripped and fell. His poor lip looks awful. She did comment though about what a tough little guy he is; that he had hardly cried. I filled her in that being that tough at three is not a good thing. It just means that he has had way too much experience with pain.

Highlight - Going over to see my mom today and getting her out of the house a bit (we went to lunch). Mom is already going stir crazy. She does not do "house bound" well. She needs to though, as she is in a lot of pain and has to stay on the pain meds for now. We had a lovely time and I had to keep my sense of humor in check because every time she would laugh she would groan in pain.

Highlight - Picking up the DD after school. First I get Katie and then we shoot across town to get Ethan. Both of them always run into my arms and make my day with their happy greetings! They are also happy to see each other. I informed Katie on our way over to get Ethan about his fat lip so that she would not get upset when she saw it. She took one look at him and said "you are gonna be OK little buddy" and hugged him.

Low light - "Little buddy" has a bug working on him; probably caught it from sis. He is uber whiny. He has always been a big crier here at home to try to get his way but we are on a "fishman" like crying jag. Patience is the word of the day here ;-) He is also causing lots of fights with sis over toys as well.

Low light - I am pretty sure that I lost my camera. I have turned the house inside out looking for it. Thankfully, all of my photos were already downloaded into my computer. The last time that I remember seeing it was at our FCC luncheon at a local Chinese Restaurant and they say no one has turned it in. As everyone knows, I am in the Real Estate Business so buying a new camera was not on my short list....eating is....ROFL!

Highlight - The long weekend is here and we have lots of activities planned including a labor day BBQ here at the house; should be lots of fun. I will also be on the lookout for a good labor day sale on cameras so if you hear of any great deals let me know!


Carol and Taylor said...

Nordstroms....secret kid section shoe sale! Happy Holidays!

Kelley said...

I love the way Katie calls Ethan "little buddy"--it is truly heartwarming! I also like how you have got such a fantastic grip on positive things in your day--you truly don't seem to let the little things bug you. (That's inspirational to me!) Poor little Ethan with his "ouchie"--I hope it heals up fast!

Tamara said...

Sorry to hear about Ethan's lip and your Mom's ribs. It is a job teaching the teachers about our kids and how their needs and the way they respond to things are completely different than other children. Hope his bug doesn't last to long.
Love the picture of you, Katie and your Mom-

Candy said...

So sorry to hear about Ethan's fall. Hope he is feeling better real soon. Katie is such a wonderful caring big sister to Ethan. Hoping your camera surfaces and you don't have to purchase a new one. Enjoy your weekend.

Tammie said...

I'm sorry to hear about Ethan's lip. Hopefully, it will heal quickly. Perhaps he just wanted to make sure that Cadence didn't get more sympathy than he. ;-) Unfortunately, his teacher's comment is another reason that there should have been a meet & greet before school started. I know that the comment was totally innocent in nature, but she could have & should have been more prepared.

As for your camera, check out Circuit City. They're having sales this weekend. David bought me my camera there a while ago when it first came out & the price really was better over there.

We5Chois said...

Oh Man! We just can't have anything to ourselves. Cadence is a little disappointed that she has to share the bad lip story.

I hope Ethan is feeling better. These kids are going to make us all old before our time.

Katie is such a sweetheart, she reminds me of Aimee. As for you, I see your memory is going, I say blame the kids. I hope you 'find' your camera as I am missing out on photos already.
Big hugs and have a fun long weekend. Can't wait to read all about it.

Vivian M said...

Have a wonderful weekend! And hopefully more highlights!