Saturday, August 30, 2008

Went Shopping Today

I took Tammie's advise and went over to Circuit City to check out their camera sale. I did my homework beforehand and found the camera that I wanted in my price range. I really am coveting one of those uber slick SLR cameras but for now my pocketbook instructed me to wait a bit. I had (lost) a VERY small Canon Power Shot SD400. It did the job for a few years but as it got older it really was not cooperating with me the way it should have. It's final insult was to walk away from me all together...ROFL

There were a few things that I wanted from my new camera and those items were a good zoom lens and higher mega pixels. This one zooms to 16.9x and has 9.1 mega pixels and it is a good point and shoot with intelligent auto focus - one of us has to be intelligent and it might as well be the camera. It has a great big LCD screen and still is housed in a compact frame. Even when I finally get my SLR I will still love to have this one as my "throw in the bag" and go camera. The camera that I purchased is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5.

I have just started playing around with it and have not "fixed" any photos in the auto mode but here are a few of the DD today. I also am putting on the blog an impromptu video clip of Katie singing her Blessing over the Bread that she learned in her temple preschool. This is what she is saying for those that are not Jewish ~

Ha-motzi l'chem min ha-eretz. We give thanks to God for bread, Our voices rise in song together, as our prayers are humbly said. Baruch atah Adonai Elohenu Melech ha-olam, ha-motzi l'chem min ha-eretz...amen.

Our Little Chihuahua, Gabby taking a nap

Look at that head of hair

Just up from her nap and still a little drowsy

Coloring together very peacefully (Katie has her Steak and Shake hat on)

Uh oh, things might get sketchy here now that our Starr is putting in her 2 cents

See what I mean!

Check out the lower lip from yesterday's fall :(

Bubble bath

Love that look

Now we are in our PJ's watching our Ni Hao Kai Lan Video

I am not sure that Katie looks really comfortable while she is watching but she is happy so who I am to say? Notice that the hat is still on...

I have a lot to learn about the camera but I really enjoy that, so Mom there will be more photos tomorrow. I hope that you had a more comfortable night than last night.


Candy said...

Love the lip. The camera looks like it takes a very nice picture. Lots of Luck with it. That picture of the back of Katie looks like she's a doll with all that hair. Lucky girl!

Stacey T. said...

I would love to know what camera you got, is there much of a lag when using the flash indoors??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE (triple love) the blessing!!!

We5Chois said...

Ouch! - Poor Ethan's lip looks worse that Cadys.

Love the photos of the kiddos,gotta love that new camera. Having the SLR is great, but nothing beats having something handy that goes in your purse. I am on the look out for a purse camera, I may check yours out.

Big hugs to Grandma, Hope you are feeling a little better today

Tammie said...

I'm glad to hear that Circuit City had something you liked. It's so hard to be without a camera in this day & age. Even I was starting to get antsy without pics of the DD!

Katie did a fantastic job with the HaMotzi!! I have first graders that at the end of the year don't do as nice a job as she did.

I can't believe how nicely the DD will sit & play or color or watch tv together. They have an amazing relationship with each other.

Gail said...

Katie and Ethan are adorable Lori. I think it's great how we both have 23 year old sons and these 2 young children. Love your blog!

Wanted to also say I hope your mom is feeling better, lots of pain with broken ribs.

tumbleintodreams said...

i'm impressed with your new camera and your photography skills! I have the big Canon Rebel but I can't take a picture without making a big scene! There's alot to be said for being able to whip out a camera and snap great quality shots like this! Love, sherri

Vivian M said...

Owie, hope that lip heals soon!
And Katie has great hair!

M3 said...

"Steak and Shake"??? What is this wonderful-sounding place? Steak and milkshakes are two of my favorite things!

Candy said...

I can't believe what a wonderful job Katie did with the prayer. WOW!!!!