Monday, August 04, 2008

More Katie-isms

I gotta write these down the second she says them or poof they are gone....

Conversation held today on the toilet as Katie was urinating. She let's her urine go the second she begins to sit down so I remind her to count to 2 once she sits.

Me: "Katie; don't forget to count to 2."

Katie: "I did count to 2!"

Me: "I did not hear it; you must have counted in your head."

Katie; (Indignantly) "I did not count in my head; I counted in my P*nis...oops I mean my butt!!"

This next one was from last week; I am just thrilled I still remember it :-)

Heard over the monitor while the DD are playing in their playroom:

Katie: "Ethan, let's pretend to go camping."


Katie: "Ethan, let's pretend to go say YES or NO!!!"

Ethan: "Yes"

Ethan will be a good husband ;-)


Blogger is giving me fits so I will post some more pics later from yesterday.


Tammie said...

I love the Katie-isms! She is definitely going to give boys a run for their money!!

As for Ethan, I guess he knows when he's been beat!

Heidy & Joey said...

Way to go Katie, she's learning early ha ha.... love it! as for the bathroom katiesm... ha ha ha...