Tuesday, August 05, 2008

As promised....more pictures

These first four pics are from the immersion; I especially love the first one. A huge thanks to Shannon's mom, Pattie for being our photographer

Grandma Brenda (Marc's mom) and his cousin Jeff
After the immersion Jeff showed the kiddos how to make a sand castle

We tried to get some pictures before the service but the kids had other ideas

Lucky Mama with her Dynamic Duo
Tammie, David and their beautiful Erin
The godmama Shannon with her Mia and Ryan
Marc and his bff, godfather Alan (wiping the sand off of his feet....WTF?!?)

A couple of shots from last night before bed. After I told the DD to get started brushing their teeth I walked into this picture :)


Tammie said...

The pics are just beautiful. Patti really captured the mikvah perfectly! It truly was a special day, & we couldn't have been happier than to be at Ethan's naming!

Vivian M said...

I love the pictures, it brings back memories of Kerri's conversion.
Mazel Tov!!!

Tammie said...

I meant to ask you. Could you please forward the pic of David, Erin & me to my email?

I never get good family pics, & Patti got a great one! Thanks!

Candy said...

I love the pictures. So sorry we couldn't make it. Congratulations once again!