Sunday, August 17, 2008

What we did the day before school was SUPPOSED to open

We had a relaxing day planned for the day before going back to school although now it is no longer the day before going back to school; rather a couple of days before the DD go back to school. Tropical Storm Fay looks like it will make a visit to South Florida and she may be a hurricane by the time she gets here around Tuesday. School has been cancelled for tomorrow and probably on Tuesday. Gosh, I hate when unwelcome visitors come calling and screw up our plans!

Well, back to the relaxing Sunday. I am sure that we needed it as we will be preparing our home, my in laws home and possibly our business tomorrow.
We started out with a breakfast at our fav deli where the dynamic duo are always well received. Any one else accompanying the DD are pretty much chopped liver. As we entered the restaurant, the usual cast of characters lavished attention on them and then we enjoyed a hearty breakfast. I actually reminisced about the fact that the first time we took Ethan to the restaurant he would not eat ANYTHING. He had such a horrible problem with oral aversion but due to loads of therapy today he simply inhaled his food :) When we left this lovely family owned business they always offer lollipops to the children but today I noticed that instead of dum dum's they had blow pops. As the owner's daughter offered the kiddos the candy, Marc told them that the gum inside was probably not a good idea. She exclaimed; "Please have them take a lollipop, when I saw you guys coming I remembered that I had run out of Lollipops, so I sent the cashier over the the grocery store to get a bag so that they would not be disappointed!" How sweet is that!?! Of course, we took the pops and just watched for when they got too close to the gum.
We then tried to do an errand but the store was so crowded with the impending storm that we decided to do it another time and head home.

When we got home I brought the DD outside with their little table and chairs for some water color painting and drawing with markers. This is always so much smarter to do outside if at all possible ;-)

Little artists at work

Beginning of the tug of war over water and paints.

Thanks for putting my glasses back on Mom; it's hard to create a masterpiece without them. (When I changed their shirts before painting I forgot to put them on immediately and she ALWAYS reminds me if I forget)

Katie's face is 90 % improved from 2 days ago. You can still see small scabs where a few of the welts were.

After they completed their works of art they got into the pool with Daddy and swam and played for awhile while I made lunch. After they got out we all sat around outside and ate.

After showering them off I told them to play in their playroom until nap time. The next thing that I know out they come all dressed up from Katie's dress up kit that she received for her birthday....oy!

Now you know Ethan is going to hate us when I show these next two pics to his girlfriends/wife or anyone who will look at them in the future.

Sassy girl!

Then of course it is always nice to end the day with a ride on the Harley (check out Katie's hand sneaking in from behind; I think I may be teaching her to be a back seat driver ;-)

Of course, they always work up a mighty thirst after they put the pedal to the medal

Here is hoping that school was cancelled for no reason and that Fay does not really come a calling. In the meantime, I am sure that the DD will make sure we are not bored while we wait and see.


Tammie said...

Wow! For a second there I thought you cut off Katie Starr's hair! Now that I got to the final pics, I can breath again. And yes, Ethan will definitely give you some nasty looks when he's older over those pics. Then again, doesn't Kim have similar pics of Hansen?

It sounds like a wonderfully relaxing day even if they did cancel school!

Your deli sounds as wonderful as the one we frequent. We have a few people there that will sneak mini corn muffins to Erin when we're not watching. And then they wonder why we take her food home!

Here's hoping that tomorrow doesn't bring Fay our way!

M3 said...

Wow, they are such great swimmers!! Our girls will barely put their faces in the water.

Hope Fay heads in a different direction or peters out completely.

Candy said...

I can't believe how wonderful the DD are doing in the pool. Looks like you had a great day.

We5Chois said...

Wow! How far those guys have come in their swimming. They both look like little fish now.You gotta love those 10min lessons from Miss Faith.

I too had a heart attack when I thought you had cut Katie's hair. what did you do tomake it look cut, there are no tell tale signs that it is put-up? Also relax about the tutu, Hansen has some equally bad fashion faux pas' - if nothing-else maybe the two of them can grow old together!

Please take care with Miss Fay around. Enjoy the extra vacation day and stay safe.

We5Chois said...

Oh BTW, I just love being able to say I TOLD YOU SO! about Ethan's eating. I know you and he worked very hard over the past months,but there is still joy in being able to say I told you so. Glad the little stinker is catching up with his big sister.

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Kim: I spit out my drink laughing from your comment about Hansen and Ethan...ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...
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Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...
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