Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Bus Never Came :(

When we transitioned Ethan from early intervention to the Place Program in the County school system, we were given the option of having him take the bus. We completely discounted that idea immediately, without even considering it. We could not imagine putting a 3 year old on a bus by himself.

Well, we have reconsidered that decision due to our son's tremendous desire to ride the bus in addition to the following facts:

The bus picks up and drops off the child at your front door

They wear a five point harness system just as if they were strapped into a car seat

An aide accompanies them off the bus to their class and then at the end of the day back to the bus again.

There is an aide with them on the bus

I have friends who have used this bus system for their children and say it is awesome.

OK, back to Ethan's desire. He is dying to ride the bus. From the moment that we get to school in the morning and the moment that we see him in the afternoon he asks (cries) to ride to bus.

There is one thing that this mama is all about. If my children want to venture out and spread their wings a bit, I am all for it as long as it is safe. I want my children to feel courageous, independent and strong so I look for opportunities to build their self esteem. I think that seems like a great way for Ethan to feel good about himself.


We told the department head that presides over Ethan's program that we wanted him on the bus so she arranged it. We were told that it would arrive at 7:16 am this morning. We told Ethan and he was so happy. We woke up bright and early this morning (waaay to early...oy!) as we wanted to be ready just in case the bus got to the house earlier than it was supposed to. We sat in our living room and the DD set up shop there watching for the bus to come. Here they are.

They waited

and waited

and waited

and waited.....................

and the bus never came :( 45 minutes later, Marc took Ethan to school and I called the bus depot who tried to find out what happened. Well, of course, day one for Mr. Mischief, there was a substitute bus driver who did not have him on her route sheet.

When we told Ethan that the bus was not coming this morning all he could say was Why? It sounded like Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii? He said it over and over again, no matter how we tried to comfort him...poor guy :(

Tomorrow morning we will hope for the best. They told me that it will be rectified. Let's hope it has been. I do not want to see him sad again tomorrow morning.


Dawn said...

OMG that is so sad! How could they not stop for the little man.

Te he he, I can't believe he is so independent that he wants to ride the bus....what a guy.

Candy said...

Oh my! I can just hear Ethan saying Wiiiiiiii. Like you said, hopefully tomorrow Ethan will get his wish to ride the bus. How exciting. Are you following it to school? I'd probably do that.

Minouche said...

oh, no!!!! poor Ethan!!! how disappointing it must have been for him (and all of you!)...:o((( I am so sorry this happened! :o(( I hope tomorrow the bus comes on time! :O)

We5Chois said...

Poor Ethan, what a disappointment.

I hope he is safely at school having ridden the bus this morning. As you know Cady rode the bus at age 3 and she loved it. It is incredible how strong willed and independent our kids are when it comes to mass transportation. I think they see it as some kind of amusement ride. As hard as it is to let them go, once you get into the routine, it is bliss having them dropped off at your door. Just wait till it is raining, you both will be praying for the bus to come.
Big hugs to my big, little guy.

Gina said...

Aww... poor baby. That sucks. I also had the choice of sending Gianna on the bus but I'm not comfortable with the idea. In our case, Gianna wouldn't care either way. The bus doesn't pick up in front of our house since we're in a gated community. I would have to drive out to the entrance and bring my own carseat. It's just not worth it.

Vivian M said...

I am so sorry Ethan missed his first bus ride, and I hope tomorrow is a better day!

Tammie said...

Oh my. I can just imagine Ethan's disappointment that the bus was going to be a no show. You should check our Sandy's blog. This happened to her also! (Gotta love Broward County.)