Monday, September 08, 2008

Conversations from the DD's Bedroom

If you remember, I told you last night that the Dynamic Duo were quietly talking to each other before they fell asleep. Well, the volume got a bit louder so I turned up the volume on the monitor a bit so that I could hear them more clearly.

OK, let me set the stage for the first funny conversation. Katie and Ethan had watched me make their lunches for school today before they went to bed. I had also packed an apple in Katie's backpack, as the school that she goes to is discussing the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana this month and apples were part of the lesson today.

Also, when reading this conversation, please note that although Ethan's receptive language is really good now, his spoken language is still quite limited. When my very intuitive Katie asks him questions, she always asks him with the tag line of "say yes or no."

Katie: "Ethan, did mommy give you an apple for lunch? Say yes or no!"

Ethan: "NO!"

I put an exclamation point after the sentence because that is really how it sounds :)

Katie: "Ethan, did mommy give you chips for lunch tomorrow? Say yes or no!"

Ethan: "Yes!" (sounded very happy about that)

Katie: "Ethan, did mommy give you raisins for lunch tomorrow? Say yes or no!"

Ethan: "yes" (He is definitely not that thrilled that he had to say yes to that question)

At this point I am cracking up listening to them. Then there is a little lull and the next conversation ensues...

Katie: "Ethan, I have to poop; yell MOMMY!!!!"

Ethan: "MOMMY!!!!"

Katie: "Yell Louder Ethan!!"

Ethan: "MOMMY!!!!!!!!"

Marc started walking over with me right behind him and we hear...

Katie: "That's not loud enough; yell MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Katie obviously thought that we were gonna be annoyed that they were still up and she was making him do her dirty work (so to speak)

We get to the room and tell her that if she needs to go to the bathroom that SHE should call us if she does not want to walk to the bathroom by herself.

I am telling you, someday when this little boy can speak his mind he is gonna tell her a thing or two....or three...or four.....

What do you all think; Yes or No?


Vivian M said...

Katie is a little bit bossy!!! I think Yes, Ethan will tell her a thing or two someday, LOL!

Tamara said...

YES! When my Mom and Aunt Eddie were little- my Mom would tell Eddie Sue what to do - go get me drink, turn the channel- put my plate up - whatever. My Grandmother had to tell my Aunt- that Penny (my Mom) was not her boss and she did not have to do what she said. It was the eye opener for both of them.

I don't think Katie is bossy- she just has good management skills :)

Michelle said...

Katie reminds me of the notes we would pass to boys in school do you like so& yes or no.

I was always told that boys like to be told what to do! Then again I am 37 and single so what do I know! :)

Candy said...

That is so funny how Katie tells him to say "Yes or No". Wonderful conversations. And Katie can't yell for you, she has to have Ethan do for her. She's got him trained, big time.

Colleen said...

I am laughing so hard I have tears running down my face....I was reading this to my husband and I was laughing so hard I couldn't even read it LOL

Tammie said...

Of course YES! I am ROFLMAO at these conversations. Your DD definitely put a smile on my face.

Beverly said...

LOL!!! That is great. Yes he will tell her a thing or four!

Gail said...

Yes!!! OMG this is so funny, you have quite the little boss/manager on your hands. I'm quite sure Ethan will make up for it later on...:)

Judy said...

Yes!!! Too funny! Ms. Katie is so smart. I love it when I get to hear some of the conversations between Kylie and her friends. They are too darn cute.

captain corky said...

Yes! Katie is going to be in big trouble one of these days. ;)

Diana said...

That story is ADORABLE..I hope you are making your blog into a book so when they are older they have ALL these memories.

Minouche said...

awwwwwwww, this is so cute! :o)) I love this beautiful relationship they have! :o) how special these memories will be one day when they grow up..:O) just beautiful! ;o)