Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor Day

The unofficial end of the summer season has come and gone and as we here at party central like to was another fun one!

We had the family and our friends the "P's" with Grandma Pattie over who may as well be in our family for a BBQ and swimming. Mom was very reticent to come out and play as she is still in so much pain but I think my powers of persuasion worked and she agreed to come. Justin and Judy also came in addition to my MIL, Marc's uncle Howard and our cousin Stephanie and her 2 kiddos, Josh and Romy.

On the menu was the usual BBQ food but in addition was a recipe for a baked hamburger that was made with ingredients that could have sent half our guest list to the ER in Cardiac Arrest. My sis sent me the recipe and it was passed down from her in laws, who are from West Virginia, so it is very down home. The ingredients that are mixed in with the ground beef are onion soup mix, sharp cheddar cheese and mayonnaise. This mixture is spread into dinner rolls and baked. It was yummy and Marc went back for 3 servings but I am not sure if I mixed it in the right consistency as my sis (Jane) told me that they would go like wildfire and they did not go quite that quickly. Marc did have them for dinner as well so at least I had one fan. I am certainly not the cook that my sis is.

Then we were off for some fun in the pool and let me tell you the kids and that includes the big ones (us) had a blast.

My dad always jokes that all of my kids must think that life is one big party and that the DD think they were brought to a USA to live in a frat house but I say it is all good and what is life without a good party every so often.......OK, weekly!! ;-)
I was so happy that my dad brought my mom over. She ended up having a great time and even though she is still in a great deal of pain, she was able to get her mind off of it for a few hours. That is a very good thing.
I have a lot of pics tonight and some of them are so funny that they are still making me laugh. Summer may be unofficially over but the parties are not; this I can guarantee!

JJ and Uncle Al are in da house!

Ryan jumping for the camera

Katie Starr loves hanging with Ry

My mom has to hold a pillow on her ribs to dull the pain :(

A little sand table fun before hitting the pool

The "P" family

Say Cheese!

A little levity

Now baby Romy is in the picture

My mom and dad ~ I was so happy that they could come today (my mom is one tough cookie)

Both grandma's

BFF's x 2

J and J - The lovebirds

Al, Ry and Justin doing their impression of Synchronized Jumping. I do not think they will medal

Here is my attempt - Try not to score on the size of my thighs in the pic

Justin and I are behind a waterfall in the pool. It was so weird to look through it and we look weirder in this pic :-)

Katie is explaining to her dad that her fingers are like raisins....

and she is not happy about it!

I love this pic of Ethan throwing the Beach Ball....too funny!

Aqua Man


mmmmm...I love cookies too!
Cool Starr
So tired from a long day
I love these children
Sweet photo of Romy
Romy's mom, cousin Stephanie
My beautiful future DIL
Steph having a good time

and no post can really be complete without Mr. Mischief in heels


Tammie said...

Hope you enjoyed your day!

Stacey T. said...

I love the BFFx2 pictures!! I don't get the ethan throwing the ball one. The ball is over his face, but his arms behind, it looks like it HURTS! haha!

Tammie said...

Looks like another successful day at your party palace! I'm happy to see that your mom joined everyone for a day out. I'm sure that she enjoyed herself immensely. The pics are wonderful & show the joy that your children have come to know.

Candy said...

Looks like a fantastic time was had by all. I'm glad your was there and I'm sure she was too. I love the picture of you and Justin behind the waterfall. Your camera takes a great picture, or is it the photographer?

Tamara said...

What is life with out a party?? My kids think life is just one trip to Disney World.
Glad to hear that your Mom was able to make it.

Heather said...

I totally just drooled all over my keyboard at the description of the barbeque--yum! It sounds like you had a wonderful Labor Day. I wish we lived closer so we could get together with you and par-tay and let the kids play together. Your mom looks radiant and wonderful, couldn't tell anything was wrong with her at all. Hopefully all the laughter boosted her spirits. Miss you guys! :)

Beverly said...

glad your mom was able to enjoy the day. great pics.

Gail said...

Great pics, loved the syncronized jumping...too funny!!!

Vivian M said...

What fun!!! Sounds like your house is the place to go for a party!

Diana said...

Toga Toga Toga:)
You do have a FUN house!!!
Love the pictures.