Sunday, August 31, 2008

Soggy and Quiet Sunday

We have been feeling the far reaching wind and rain bands of hurricane Gustav for the last two days and it was especially windy and rainy today. We feel very fortunate though that this particular storm will not hit South Florida but we are always fully aware of the fact that if we do not get hit then some other area will. We are keeping the people of the gulf coast in our thoughts and prayers.

Marc was sweet enough to shop with the DD for our Labor Day BBQ tomorrow while I went to the mall. He is an amazing husband and he knew that I needed a little R&R along with a little retail therapy. I got home just in time for him to leave for work so I am back on the job again. As I mentioned recently, Ethan has been VERY out of sorts lately so being on the job has gotten a bit wearing. The last few days has been chock full of temper tantrums and crying. My theory on this personality meltdown is two fold; first he is fighting a cold and secondly, he is really beginning to speak a great deal more and I am a firm believer that when a child enters a new developmental stage their brain becomes a bit disorganized so to speak and all of their emotions become magnified. I remember this with Justin. My theory is not as solid with Katie as she can maintain composure through most situations. She does have outbursts too as she is a normal three year old but she is definitely the easiest and most pleasant personality of the three. Sorry Justin and Ethan but I have to tell it like it is.

Today has been a great deal easier. I was not here for some of it and that helped but seriously, he does seem a lot happier today so maybe we are over this hump.

On to another subject ~ Justin and Judy ~ Justin is back in law school for his second year and Judy is searching for her first teaching job since she graduated in May with her Masters in Education. This is a very stressful time for Judy as the job market for teachers here in South Florida is tighter than a drum. With all of the budget cutbacks brought about by the catastrophic downturn in the real estate market and subsequent recession, it is almost impossible for a new teacher to get a first job. Judy did manage to finally get an interview due to her tenacity at a very large elementary school, where a friend of hers is teaching. It was a tough panel interview but she got positive feedback from it and we are hoping with all of our might that she finds out next week that the job is hers. I am really hoping that this works out or that something else comes about soon so that they are under less pressure

Update on my mom ~ Mom is still in pain and she is having a hard time getting comfortable. I think being in the house is also getting to her. She is supposed to come to our house tomorrow for the BBQ but she is not sure if she will make it. I am urging her to come as I think seeing her grandchildren will lift her spirits. I know my mom very well and I know that I am right about this.

I took some more photos today with my new camera. I really like this camera and am enjoying learning how to use it to it's fullest potential. Enjoy the photos and I will be back tomorrow as I am a woman of my word :-)

Camera not in focus but I had to get this shot quickly ;-)

A little snack after nap

Love this picture of our beautiful boy (I know Nana and Grandma will want it too)

Ethan had woken up earlier from nap and already eaten his snack but here is Katie sharing with her brother after he asked her for some of her snack

All done!

Let's ride our bikes now that the rain finally stopped!

and play a little ball....

As Katie says...I threw it up high in the Sky!!


Tammie said...

I can't believe that Gustav is going to hit New Orleans. The people of that city are still traumatized. This morning we watched the news for a bit & saw that the people are being evacuated. We wish them well.

I love the pictures from the new camera. You sure are finding your way around it quickly!

I hope your mom decides to join you tomorrow. Personally, I agree with your assessment that the DD will perk her up.

Vivian M said...

Wow the detail in the pictures is incredible, I am thinking with a little practice they will be even better!
Good luck to Judy and I am glad you got some "me" time. I am desperately in need of that!

Tamara said...

Love the pictures! Moose is my "easy" child- and is on a pretty even keel most of the time- Goose is turning out to be the little girl version of her brother.
Can't wait to see more pics

We5Chois said...

Cool photos. You may have found a new talent/job.

Good luck to Judy, we will keep our fingers crossed for her and best wishes to Justin. way to go!

As for Ethan, I am sure you are right and it is a learning curve for him added to not feeling 100%. He and Hansen are so alike. I send you some patience and a smile to get you through.

I am sorry that Nana is still in pain, but agree that a little time out of the house and in the warmth of the DD will do her the power of good. she will still be in pain, but it will give her something else to think about. I wish we could come for the BBQ. Have a great day. We love you.

Candy said...

Were you standing on a chair for that first picture? I love that picture of Ethan, as well. Looks like his lip is almost all healed. Such a sweet face. Katie looks beautiful, as always. She is such a wonderful sister sharing her snack. Please tell your mom, I hope she feels better real soon.

Candy said...

Sorry, I forgot to wish Judy good luck on her job search and hopefully this interview went well and she'll be working real soon.

Jane said...

OMG Katie speaks Hebrew like a champ - Go Katie