Sunday, September 07, 2008

A rare sight around here...our family with nothing much to do....

and let me tell you, it was awesome!! It was a totally lazy day around here at "Stress Central." We woke up to hear Katie Starr and Ethan opening their bedroom door and coming out into the hallway..."Shhhhh Ethan; where are you going?" "Get back into the room!!" The giggling ensued and the pitter patter of little feet running back into their bedroom. We got up and walked into their room to see what prompted this foray into a brave new world (they have never done that before) and they acted like they were asleep ;0) We said "Oh, I guess Katie and Ethan are not up yet." and they exploded into fits of laughter. All that fun took the sting out of the early hour.

Marc being the sweetheart that he is ran out to our fav bagel shop around the corner to get us some breakfast and after we ate yummy bagels and eggs we lazed around all morning until again my sweetheart of a husband decided to give me a break and take the kiddos to the mall to do an errand. The ****SILENCE**** was awesome and so relaxing. Then Kim (in China) and I hooked up via Skype and we blabbed our heads off for the next hour until the daddy and the DD came home. Our call had to come to a end soon anyway as it was already almost 1:00 am in China and Kim had to be up bright and early so our time was up. I love talking to that woman; we can talk about anything and everything and always end up in stitches :)

OK, back to my relaxing day...Marc had already fed the kiddos lunch at the mall so we sent them off to nap. More ****SILENCE**** aaaahhh heaven. Marc and I watched football and even napped halftime away. Then when the DD got up we took a dip in the pool.

Here is Katie making faces for me while we are waiting to go
swimming. She said that all of the kids were doing this on the
playground on Friday ;o)

After we were done swimming and showering them, we did a project that Katie Starr needed to complete for school tomorrow. We had to trace all of our hands, then help her to cut them out and then we decorated each hand. You should have seen the power struggle as we guided her hand with scissors in and out around the fingers of four family members hands...oh my goodness! Then we decorated them with stickers, rings and bling :) After that, they colored before dinner....

We ate dinner and the children both chowed down. They had worked up a huge appetite. Then the DD watched a movie, we did our bedtime routine, we kissed them goodnight and they went to bed at 8:00 yawning their heads off and already talking about school tomorrow. Even though they were tired I still hear them talking to each other on the monitor. It is so cute to hear them talking to each other at night before they drift off to dream land. It truly was a wonderful and relaxing day.


Tammie said...

Oh. I am so darn jealous! No more lazy Sundays for us. Erin & I will have to live vicariously through you all. We started Hebrew school today.

BTW, Marc truly is an awesome guy. It's so sweet that he takes the DD out so you can have some "me" time. Thankfully, David will do similar things with Erin. I'd say we're 2 lucky women.

Candy said...

Sounds like you got some wonderful down time. What a great husband you have. Love the faces Katie is making.

Gail said...

Ahhh, don't you just love the silence sometimes on the weekends? I was quite fortunate to have some of that too when my dh took our 2 out for some errands today.

Awesome faces Katie!!!

We5Chois said...

Hey it was great chatting with you, but I didn't love you that much this morning when the kiddos woke me up.
It was so cute to say hi to the DD too. I am sorry that your free time was spent gas-bagging to me, but it is always so good to talk to you.
Love ya,

Vivian M said...

Lazy sundays are the best! And Marc is a sweetheart.
I love how close Katie and Ethan have become!

Heather said...

Ahh, that sounds wonderful!