Thursday, October 16, 2008

I have been tagged!

My dear friend's Viv at Life with Kerri and Mary at Ladybugs and Dragonflies both tagged me for the following thought provoking exercise:

Seven Weird and Random facts about the mama here at "Stress is the New Black"

1. The first thing I drink every morning is Diet Coke. I do not drink coffee at all. It is my caffeine boost in the AM. It also has to be fountain soda, so about 2 times a day (sometimes more) I am driving through fast food drive thru's to get my fix! I have even pulled up to my regular drive thru stops to end up being mortified by the fact that the cashier sees my car and tells me my order before I tell her! I have even had one cashier ask me why I just don't get my soda at 7-11 where it is cheaper...can you imagine?

2. I met Marc on the Internet. I was searching for a DJ for my office holiday party back in 1998 and I found him and love. I actually hired another DJ for the party that year but all the years after that I have had a free DJ!

3. I am a reformed speed demon on the road. There were times in my life that I drove as if I was trying to qualify for the Indy 500 and I would get speeding tickets one after another. Having small children has completely changed that. I would never put them (or myself) in jeopardy. There is too much at stake.

4. I have the strangest pinkie toe nails on the planet. I have had nail techs make snide comments about the fact that they are so tiny, that they need to put polish on the skin around them so it looks like I have "normal" nails.......thanks BIG DADDY for passing that recessive gene on to me...appreciate it..NOT!

5. I love to be alone! There are few things I like better than to have the whole house to myself with nothing to do other than read, watch TV or surf the net. I even like going to movies and restaurants by myself. I rarely get to be alone lately so I want to be alone more than ever ;0)

6. I was a wild child as a teenager. Just ask Mamasona and Big Daddy. They attribute every grey hair that they had in their 40's to me. I was constantly in trouble and my sister's motto was learn from my sister and do not go about it the way that she did and you will not get in trouble. She was waaay smarter at playing the game than I was. Weirdly, now I am the goody goody. I am the ultimate "good citizen" and follow the golden rule on a daily basis.

7. I was a very sick young person. Many years ago I had cancer, heart problems, spinal surgery and thyroid disease. I love life and thank goodness for each day and every day that I am on this earth and pain free.

This was very fun! I know that this has been around the Blogisphere quite a bit so many of you have already completed it. I am tagging anyone that is reading this that has not had a chance to do it.


Gail said...

Well you and I are twin sisters in the fountain Diet Coke department. I laughed when I read that about you and I also drive through fast food places several times a day to get my fix! So funny.
I also love to be alone, but that obviously doesn't happen very often now.
I was a wild teenager too and my sister and I probably aged my parents dramatically. Great post wild woman! ;)

Vivian M said...

Wow, you are a survivor too! One day we should get together with our diet sodas and chat!
Thanks for playing, it was fun to learn something new about you!

Tammie said...

Interesting. That's the word I would use. Definitely. You & I seem to have the same soda addiction. David brings me a can of coke every morning before I get out of bed. Otherwise, I don't get out. ;)

Having learned some interesting things about you, I can honestly say that you are an amazing woman with an awesome outlook on life.

Yoli said...

Girl I like your style and sense of humor! Your kids are lovely. You share many similar things with me, except for the health issues, we are very much alike.

tumbleintodreams said...

Hey Lori.... tag ME. I need some inspiration and I promise to actually DO it this time. sherri