Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Innocence of Childhood

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Tonight, I am going to post some pics from earlier today. I know my mom will love these and I hope that you will too!

The first ones are from a lollypop eating session today. After Ethan got a haircut they gave the kids pops. The DD did not know that I was taking most of these photos as they were so engrossed with their candy. I love how they sat together most of the time and even put their arms around each others shoulders. The DD are each other's best friends and the love they have for each other shines through.

Gabby, our Chihuahua was watching my photo session :)

Then the kiddos played outside for awhile and they enjoyed the warm sunshine very much as did we. I love their purity and innocence.

This video is of Ethan showing a little humor as he has a fake sneezing fit over a flower (weed :)


PIPO said...

In a word: adorable!

Tammie said...

Cuteness Factor?
At least.

Vivian M said...


Candy said...

Love the pictures, as usual. Such sweet faces! Candid shots are the best.

Gail said...

Just the fake sneeze fest. The pics are great too. :)
Have a great weekend Lori!

Cristy said...

Love the pictures! I have enjoyed following your blog as we have so much in common-

My oldest daughter is from Jiangxi and my youngest is a WuWei girl like your daughter! We also have grown sons, and our oldest is named Justin AND is getting married soon!

So I feel like I am reading my life sometimes in your blog- LOL!

Thanks for stopping my blog!

Beverly said...

they are precious.

Carol and Taylor said...

Ahhhh, the lollipop. A perfect treat. That's what I love about kids, they constantly remind us of the simple joys in life.

Great pics.

Love from Miami,

Carol and Taylor

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Those lolipop pics are soooo sweet!! Has to make your heart smile big!

And everytime I see those pics of the backpack buddies, (if I happen to comment on a blog you have commented on) it always makes me smile!

Have a Great Weekend!

Amie(a fellow Panda)