Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Katie is feeling poorly today :(

I was going to post some cute pics from a visit by us to Katie's school today but Katie spiked a 104 degree fever tonight so we have been quite busy keeping her comfortable. It began to rise even after giving her Ibuprofin. We just took her out of a tepid bath and got it the fever down to 100.8. She has some kind of really bad bronchial infection. I am sure it will be a tough night so I am off to bed and will be at the Doctor's office in the AM.

Hope that I have better news to report tomorrow.


Candy said...

Wow, that's a high fever. I hope Katie rests comfortably this evening and is feeling better tomorrow. Sweet Dreams Katie Starr.

Carol and Taylor said...

Poor baby. Hope Katie gets better and that it doesn't spread to the rest of the family.

Hang in there.

Hugs from Miami,

Vivian M said...

I hope Katie feels better real soon. Please let us know how it went at the doctor's. Hugs!

PS...You've been tagged. Come visit my blog when you get a chance.

Gail said...

So sorry that your baby girl is sick. That's a high temp. Hope she feels better very soon and you got some sleep last night.

hugs, Gail

Minouche said...

oh, no! poor katie. I hope you all had a smooth night and that she is feeling better. How was the doctor's appointment?

huge hugs,