Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eye see you!

Today was our six month eye check up for our Starr. The last time that we saw the Pediatric Opthamologist, he told me that he thought that Katie's eyesight had deteriorated a bit but that we would wait to change her eyeglass prescription as the change seemed pretty minimal. Well, he was right. The prescription needed to be increased but the good news is that at this point he was able to correct her vision to about 20/40 in both eyes ~vs~ the 20/80 she was corrected to before. There is a certain amount of educated guessing that goes on with pint sized patients due to the unreliable information that they give during questioning. The other good news is that the doctor felt that Katie is such a bright child with such excellent language abilities, that she can be put on the adult machine at her next checkup. This will give a more reliable reading of her vision and will help pin it down even further. In the meantime the glasses she is wearing will suffice.

The doctor had told us to expect Katie's eyes to steadily worsen all the way to puberty and at that point it should equalize. He assured us that as long as he can correct it with the lenses like he is able to do now, we should not be too concerned. It is when the correction does not do the job that we should worry. Knock on wood, that will never happen.

This doctor is excellent and all of the local pediatricians refer to his practice. My Mom used to work for him so they treat us like family..so nice. They did not even charge me for our visit today; what a lovely surprise!

We are very lucky with Katie. She is excellent about keeping her glasses on. She has been since the first time that she put them on. I remember that day almost one year ago so well, how she exclaimed "I can see you Mommy and Daddy!" She knows that when she wears her glasses, she can see much more clearly. That is great motivation for anyone and most especially such a young child. She even reminds me if I forget to put them on when she wakes up. She has never once taken the glasses off and lost them. We are very proud of her.

Here are a few photos from our visit. I had Marc take them so I could record them for posterity. I figure if the DD have every aspect of their life documented this way, why not her regular eye appointment? ;0)

Waiting patiently in the waiting room

so is daddy so is Mommy

I guess I should have been wearing my glasses (smirk)

Is that Katie Starr behind there?

Now those are some weird glasses

Now Dr. Miller is examining after Katie's eyes were dilated

He pauses for a picture (sorry for the poor lighting but we did not want the flash to go off and hurt Katie's vision)

Later, we took Katie to fill her new eyeglass prescription. Marc took her into the shop while I was on the phone with Justin outside for a few minutes. When I walked in, Katie ran to get me and she pulled me by the hand back towards where the gentleman was that was helping us. She excitedly said to him "This is my Mommy and we call her Lori!" He laughed as did we and then he told her that he was pretty sure that she does not call me Lori and she agreed :0)

We returned later and got the finished product. Here are Katie's new glasses. I am sure that you would agree they are quite cute on her :)


Candy said...

How can somebody look so cute in those weird glasses? Katie is adorable. I love the new glasses too.

Vivian M said...

Hey we use the same pediatric opthamologist! I love that office (although we see the other doc). And Katie looks fabulous in her new glasses!

Gail said...

Katie is so darn cute! I think it's amazing and very mature that she knows to keep her glasses on.

missy said...

Could she be any cuter??? I love her glasses and the fact that she is so little, yet so responsible for them.

Such a cute little bug.

Mary said...

Oh, good God...could she be any cuter?!?!
LOVE Dr. Miller...we need to take phots at our next appointment.

PIPO said...

Indeed, Miss Katie wears her specs with style. Adorable :0)

Carol and Taylor said...

The glasses are fab! Of course, she could wear my dead grandma's old 1950's cat-eye glasses with rhinestones on them, and look just as chic. I've concluded that its impossible for the child to look any other way.

Tammie said...

Way to go Katie Starr! Such a smart girl to make sure that you're wearing them. (I used to try to throw mine away.) The new glasses look fabulous!

You guys have definitely turned us into fans of Dr Miller. David was very impressed him & how he handled Erin. (And you know how "retentive" my hubby is.)

Love the pics of mommy & daddy from today!