Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hectic Days!

Our hectic life becomes crazy and out of control this time of year just as I am sure it does for many of you. Here is a sample of the last 36 hours of life here at "stress is the new black" just so you can see what I mean. In between all of this holiday fun there was still work to get done at the office and at home. Of course, I also have to fit in my facebook addiction in there as well!

The first event that I have covered pictorially (is that a word?) was my office holiday get together. I cannot call it a party. My father and I own a real estate business so you know that there is no way that we can afford a party these days, so it was pot luck in the office for us. The way that I look at it is least we can be together to enjoy some holiday cheer together and this year I invited our Dynamic Duo to set the party on fire. They accomplished that mission!

This is my best friend Kira who is also Katie Starr's god mother. She has worked with me for 14 years as well.

Kira with the DD

They are opening her gift that was given to her by one of my agent's

My "Big Daddy" and business partner

Katie wearing Kira's present

The is Maxie. He is the "son" of one of my husband/wife agent team's and is in our office on most days :)

The next morning was Katie's Hanukkah Show at her preschool so off we went including my folks and Justin. Unfortunately, we could not include Marc's folks as my FIL is still quite ill and had to be at the Doctor for testing at the same time :(

Before we left for the show I had to cook up three dozen more latkes for after the show. If I keep cooking every day like this my reputation will be ruined. I sent the posse ahead to score choice seats and met them there. Katie did a great job as you can see in the video. She did all of the moves along with the songs. She was very shy when she spotted us in the audience as you will see in the pics.

Afterwards we took Katie out of school and all went to lunch together....and where would you go after a Hanukkah show? Why, a deli of course!! We had a great time and Katie decided that she had to take her lunchbox into the restaurant and eat her lunch just like she would have in school!

All of the children sitting and waiting to go on

See our Starr on the left barely looking over the chair at us ;-)

Katie is in the center

So happy to see my big brother after the show was over! How sweet is that shot?

Finally, that same evening after holiday shopping for a few hours we ended the day by meeting my dear friend Kira and her hubby Dennis at the Holiday Parade that we have in our city. It took us a bit to meet up as so many major streets were closed but meet up we finally did and we had a ball watching the DD and most especially our mischief man, Ethan enjoy the parade.

The reactions of our children to the parade was so in line with their respective personalities. Katie is a cautious child and is slow to warm up to new situations most of the time and this was no exception. She is not especially into loud noises or costumed characters so she looked a bit out of her element for the first part of the evening but she finally warmed up and had fun. Ethan on the other hand is my "plunge right in" kinda guy. He LOVES loud noises and costume characters and he practically jumped out of his skin with excitement during most of the parade. We got more of a kick watching him than the parade. I think that the people marching in the parade did as well as many of them were giggling when they saw him and his reactions.

I love the fact that all of my children have such diverse likes and dislikes. It keeps my life VERY interesting :-)

happily waving

Katie and her goofy Daddy :)

expectations building

more waving

What is coming next Mom?

my happy guy

could he put his body out there any further?

starting to warm up a little

She did not like this guy AT ALL!

Look at that big dog coming!

Happier now and this is our self portrait

My girl Kira

this is fun...I like chilling here

I am getting tired soon as he got home he fell right asleep

Where would you see Santa in a South Florida parade? On top of a boat of course :)

There will be more celebrating and festivities over the next few days. I love seeing all of it now through the eyes of our children!


Tammie said...

Hectic!? Now why would you say your life is hectic? ;)

I loved all the pics & videos of the DD. It looks as if the holidays will be filled with plenty of things for the family to do.

I know that life is truly stressful for you guys right now but am happy that you're taking some time off to relax.

Vivian M said...

Katie truly is a STARR! Loved her performance.
I wish things were less stressful for you right now, but I am glad you have the DD and son to keep you focused and distracted, even if you are busy.
And there is nothing wroung with a potluck office party, hubby's job does it every year. And how cool that Max is there!

Beverly said...

great parade and great pics.

Gail said...

I know hectic because that's been my life lately...someday we'll look back at these days as some of the best of our lives.
Great pics, love the one of Ms. Starr looking over the seat...I think she and William should get married someday.

Jane said...

ok the pic of Ethan with expectations building under it is the I sorry lip face I love so very much...he is sooooooooo delicious

Donna said...

I hope things have calmed down a little bit and you're all geared up for a nice quiet Christmas! :)

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