Monday, December 15, 2008

I can bring home the potatoes...fry them up in the pan...

Potato latkes that is! Today, Marc and I were suckered...ahem, I mean were asked nicely to demonstrate and cook latkes for Katie's preschool class. If you know me then you know that cooking is just not my thing. I can do it and sometimes I can even do it quite well but it is definitely NOT one of my fav things to do...I would also have to admit I am a bit domestically challenged. Thank goodness, I excel in other areas ;0)

OK, back to my tale of woe...ahem I mean labor of love! Marc, myself and three other parental units gathered together this morning to demonstrate to the children the art of latke preparation before they break for Hanukkah. We took turns showing them how to peel the potatoes, grate them, beat and add the egg and add the matzo meal. I grated the potato down to a nub and almost added some extra flavor that it did not need, if you know what I mean. Then I demonstrated my one handed egg breaking technique to the children, teachers and parents. It really is the stuff of legend. That got lots of oohs and aahs! See, I told you that I had other talents!! ;0) All of us parents then retired to the kitchen to fry them up and some how, some way, I was the one that ended up frying them all ironic is that?!? At one point one of the dad's told me that I was not cooking them to a crispy enough state. I told that man in no uncertain terms that he could take over if he wanted to...LOL. OK, I said it nicely!

We finished up and brought the latkes into the children who LOVED them. Katie ate hers up in no time and asked for more. I loved that.

All kidding aside, Marc and I had a wonderful time and now I am thinking that since it is hard to bring home the potatoes in the real estate business, maybe there is a future for me in the culinary field.

Oh my goodness....I can hear the snickering from here!

Everyone is mesmerized by my grating skills

close up of my skilz

One handed egg breaking technique, too bad Marc did not take video of that action!

The cooking crew

See where I ended up!

So happy that my girl is loving her latkes

Room 3

Yummy! She LOVES applesauce

How sweet is that face?

Talking to Katie's table was loads of fun!


M3 said...

Those are some skillz woman!!!

Hey Marc could always get a video of that egg cracking tomorrow and post it. I'd love to see it. Come on, for us?

Vivian M said...

Yum! And extra ingredients just add more flavor, lol ;o)

Jane said...

I am shocked that they weren't extra crispy...that is a family preference. You go girl!

Candy said...

You did a fantastic job. Those Latkes looked crispy to me. We'll be coming over for some next week. Just kidding. Looks like everybody ate them too.

Gail said...

Yum....I had no idea that you were so multi talented SFAM!

They really do look good, now I'm hungry. :)

Teresa said...

Yummy latkes! MMMMM.

Ivy said...

HAPPY HANUKKAH! Oh I can taste those latkes! Yummy.

Oh so many memories.

Enjoy the holidays.


Catherine said...

Mmmm! Now I'm in the mood for latkes! What a great way to spend a day with your little girl. Her mamma rocks!

Tammie said...

How is it that you can break an egg with one hand but don't cook? Or are you like me? On permanent strike? ;-)

The latkes looked quite yummy. I'm sure no one minded the extra ingredients!

Beverly said...

very sweet face. how fun to do that for your kids!

Michael, Barbara and Mia said...

mmmmm I love Latkes!

Happy Holidays!

Mary said...

OMGosh...I would have PAID to watch you cooking! LOL Was it hard to get rid of the take out container from the Deli (you know I HAVE to tease you!)?! Seriously, they look yummy. Perhaps you aren't domestically challenged at all, but are instead, a Domestic Goddess! :-)