Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As Promised...a couple of videos from Katie's birthday

Here is our Starr receiving her gifts at an ungodly hour of the day, just before Ethan's bus arrives. As you can see, she is not the least bit reticent to unwrap a gift. Her gifts from us were a big hit this year. We picked up a replica of Cinderella's castle from Walt Disney World when we were there in February. It is chock full of princesses, prince's and lots of accessories. Both, the castle and the Color Wonder Princess Coloring book and markers from the E man made her very happy. This year seems to be the year of the Princess for our girl. She is all about being girly right now.

Ethan received what I call the "consolation" birthday present (small token gift so he would not feel too left out). He did not seem to mind at all that his was a very small gift compared to hers. He is a very sweet boy as well.

Here we are at Katie's school party singing Happy Birthday. She was so thrilled that we came to her school and brought a cake. After we cut the cake, she asked us if we could bring a piece of cake to her teacher from last year, her dance teacher and the school secretary. This child is so thoughtful and sweet.

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Candy said...

So sweet.

For a minute I thought Katie had gotten a haircut, until her hair was taken out of her dress.

Happy Birthday Katie Starr.