Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Day in Rainy Paradise...yawn!

Today dawned early...way too early as Katie gave us a real problem in the sleep department last night here in the hotel. We are actually staying in a one bedroom apartment and the DD have been sleeping on the pull out couch in the living room. Miss Katie crossed over her rightful boundary in the bed about 3:30 am. She had actually crossed the DMZ (demilitarized zone) about midnight but I placed everyone in their rightful places before I crashed. This second foray into Ethan's reduced territory was enough to cause a middle of the night squabble and also woke them to the point where they both realized that the stuffed lovies that they both sleep with were no where to be found. Marc got up and tried to locate the stuffed babies in the dim light of the kitchen stove overhead that was left on as a nightlight and after stubbing his toes a few times gave up, told them to go back to bed NOW and came back to bed...of course, that was not gonna work!! A few minutes later, Katie cried out for her baby again (Ethan, like the true man that he is, gave up and went back to sleep) and so Marc and I took turns trying to calm and cajole her until finally, somewhere between 4:30 and 5:00 am, I threw on the light in exasperation and stripped the bed (Ethan still did not wake up) and found both babies under a second blanket that was on the bed....ARGH!! Now, would that be enough to send my precious daughter happily back to dreamland? The correct answer would be...NO, of course not! She cried out a few more times for good measure and could give us no valid reason for her unhappiness but I could have easily given her several reasons for mine! Somewhere around dawn, we all slipped back into unconsciousness and actually were able to sleep until almost 9:00 am (unheard of in our house) but it still did not feel very restful as you can well imagine.

We got up and headed out in search of something to do that would allow us to dodge the quarter size rain drops that were due back at any moment. We ended up in Downtown Disney and for a couple of hours, the day could not have been any lovelier. The temperature was perfect and the clouds stayed at bay. We walked, people watched, shopped and rented a boat for awhile so we could cruise the waterways. We did all of that just in the nick of time as the moment we came back, they closed the marina due to another approaching storm. We ate lunch at a cafe (outdoor but undercover) and then the skies opened up again. We got a little break in the wet action after lunch, so we ran to a store for just one more must have item and then were caught there for about an hour as the lightening was just too scary to even consider leaving.

We were finally able to make a break for it and since then the rain here has not let up, so now we are back in our little home away from home. We played board games, ate and are now settling in for the finale of American Idol.

I really do not mind the rain and the forced quiet time. It has been really good to get away from the grind of work for a few days and as you can see when I actually have a bit of downtime you get a couple of blog posts in a row. Be still my blogging heart! We leave for home tomorrow and then it will be back to life as we know it at "Stress is the new Black!"

About to hit the seas

Our Pirate Princess

The Captain

C0-Captain and her first mates

Keeping one eye open for Pirates....sorry could not resist ;-) Hey, we are kinda sarcastic around here!

Love my wonderful man!

Wonder what she was thinking?

reflective sweetie

A little help from the first mates

Co-Captain at the wheel

Back on land the DD needed to find a way to get wet again...they could have easily waited a few more minutes until the skies opened up again.

Waiting out the rain storm in a store

A Princess came over and sprinkled pixie dust on Katie who was looking at it here and wanted me to take a pic of it but the camera did not pick it up ;-)


Candy said...

Glad you having a great time. Looks like the rain didn't put a damper on your fun.

Love Letters To China said...

Looks like you had a blast even though it rained. We've been having some interrupted sleep ourselves these past two nights. Isn't it so much fun sharing your bed with a little one? ;)

Tammie said...

I don't know. Why didn't you call me for a chat while Katie Starr was awake? Erin kept me up all night long also. Then again, she always does.

Poor Princess! Losing her babies would definitely put a damper on her night. I wish I knew how Ethan could sleep without his. Erin still needs to be surrounded.

I love the pics you took on this trip!