Sunday, May 31, 2009

So why did you go ahead and listen to me anyway?

The Dynamic Duo respond really well to bribery positive reinforcement and so we have been using nickels as the bribe incentive to go to the bathroom on their own at night and not waking us up when they have to go. As with most of their behavior, the competition factor really plays a big roll in how well they do as a team. If either child does not follow through on whatever the rule was, then we make a big deal about making sure that the one that has complied gets their nickel. By the next evening it is the norm around here to see progress for both. We use the nickels for most behaviors that we want improved and when they get to 20 nickels they get to go to the Dollar Spot at T*rget and pick a prize...not too bad eh?

Anyway, back to the big moves towards independence. Over the last couple of weeks they have both been going to the bathroom solo at night when nature calls and in the morning they are now going and not waking us up. After they use the bathroom they have been going back to their room and talking quietly just below the decibel count of a jet engine, but hey, at least they have been staying in their room.

Last evening, we arrived home really late from our friends home (The P Family.) I figured after their full night of fun and the late hour of our arrival at home that they would be so beat that they would sleep in. I was wrong (of course) but it all worked out quite nicely nonetheless. Marc left really early to play golf and I fell back to sleep after he left for all of 15 minutes, when I heard a sharp knock on my bedroom door. I told the kids to open up. Of course, it was not just one (it never is) but both of them. To my surprise, they were both fully dressed (and they looked good!) with their shoes on. They proudly shouted that they had gotten ready for the day and it was "time to get up because the sun is up now!" I guess they are true to the Rooster sign that they were born under since the sun seems more important than the hour of the day as a reason to get up!!

Thankfully, that sweet proclamation made waking up early a little easier to swallow since it brought a smile to my face. I got out of bed and walked into their room to find that they had even put away their PJ'!

It just goes back to the old adage about being careful what you wish for. The DD are growing up. I obviously promote the idea of their maturation. Hey, it's my job for goodness sake but I cannot help having mixed emotions about how fast it is all happening once again.


Love Letters To China said...

It's amazing how quickly they grow up. At 6 years old I still get the wake up call in the middle of the night. ;( Maybe I should starting using nickels... or maybe quarters?


Candy said...

How sweet that they got dressed and ready all on their own. That's wonderful.

Mama Duck said...

Wow...I'm impressed with your Dynamic Duo--BIG TIME!

Tammie said...

Oh my. How totally wonderful that they're growing up & gaining their independence.