Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One of those funny and very sweet moments I was waiting for

I knew that I would soon find a moment that would lift my mood and delay my entrance into the Preschool Protection program, if just for awhile ;-)

There have actually been quite a few of those sweet DD moments but this was the first one that I felt like blogging about so that must mean my funk is lifting.

Here we go...

The DD called out to me from their side of the house where they have a bedroom that they share, in addition to their playroom and an empty bedroom that is waiting until Ethan and Katie get to the point that they no longer want to share a room. That day does not look like it is anywhere on the horizon as you can see here...

Once I located them amidst the giggles and the mounds of blankets and stuffies that they had placed on the bed, I asked them what was going on. In unison, they both asked if they could sleep together every night in Katie's toddler bed....PLEASE!?! I told them no, and that they should be happy that they shared a room but there was no way that they were sharing a toddler bed (smirk). Then, Katie proceeded to let me know that it would be just great for them to sleep together because they could keep each other company and it would be "perfect" for them to be able to see the television that we place in their room in the same position that Mommy and Daddy have it so that they could lay there and watch it at night just like we do. Bwahahaha!

I don't think so kiddos but thanks for trying; it made my day!

**A special thank you to all of you that posted comments and sent me private emails. Your moral support and postive feedback really lifted my spirits. I needed that!!


Teresa said...

That's funny! Nice try, DD! They're smart little buggers, aren't they? Heh.

Caroline wants her own cell phone. Not gonna happen either.

Tammie said...

Thank you Lori!

I really needed a good laugh today. Your DD always manage to make me smile.

Hoping that your funk is lifting!

Candy said...

They do know how to sweet talk us, don't they.

They do look so comfy together.

Doug and Terrye said...

Was that a tv of the large screen type? ;) It's funny when we get to catch a glimpse of what is rumbling around in those precious little brains! :)

Terrye in FL

Donna said...

I wish my kidddos wanted to share a room. I'm so impressed that your two can do that without killing one another! They're sooooo cute!!!

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Judy said...

So sweet! I find myself wondering what it would be like with a sibling around our house. Would Kylie be willing to share her room? Too cute your DD's.


Vivian M said...

I hated sharing a room with my two sisters. I think Katie and Ethan have it right!