Monday, August 24, 2009

Another school year begins....don't let the audible sighs of relief distract you from reading this!

I adore my children but it is neither feasible or fair to get much work done when they are in our midst. Having a block of time each weekday when we can actually get work done is......well.....awesome!! Bring on the school year!!!

The first day went well for all of our children; the two "little's" that live with us and the one "big" that does not. Let me start by saying that Justin's exact phone text to me today was "It's gonna be crazy" When I asked for a clarification of "good crazy" or "not so good" crazy, I was told "good crazy" and the gist of the conversation that transpired later was that his "A" game was going to be needed to get through this internship. I think that was a given ;-)

Katie and Ethan had good days as well, although probably a tad less stressful than Mr J's! Making new friends and getting to know a new teacher for Katie Starr were probably the most important goals that were met today, as it should be. Katie's teacher told me that she was quiet for all of 10 minutes after I brought her to school, in what looked to most like a semi catatonic state. Then she morphed back into her normal ebullient self. Ethan, on the other hand, bounded onto the bus like summer had never happened and then never skipped a beat the entire today. He has such an amazing personality; it really never ceases to amaze me. The low point of the day was when his school bus was about an hour late coming home. I was becoming unglued to say the least but just as I was on the phone waiting for the county bus control to track the errant bus down, up it pulled "manned" or should I say "womaned" by Rose and Ruby, who apologized profusely and told me that they had problems with their route. They were so sweet that I could not be too upset; especially since the little man was just fine and no worse for wear. His mama, on the other hand, has about 10 more grays under her *ahem* natural red hair.(wink)

One more development before I bid you adieu for today....I decided to see how Katie would do without a nap after school. Ethan sleeps at school and he requires huge amounts of sleep and has no problem settling down for bed. On the other hand, Katie will nap really well but then cannot fall asleep lately and just tosses and turns for hours. The nap experiment turned out well today. She was fine all day and then I put them to bed at 8:00 PM and they were both asleep within minutes of hitting their it!!

Here are a few photos to mark the day of the Dynamic Duo on their first day of Pre K!

Our mischief heading off to his first day back to school

another cute shot at the door

Here's Katie Starr


Together for one last shot before their day begins!

This pic was taken at school and one of the mom's sent it to cute!

Katie and her teacher hit it off!

Now how could I be upset with these two sweet women :)

Do you think she missed her brother?


Minouche said...

It looks like it was a perfect first day of school for the littles! :O)) Hope the school year continues as smoothly and happy as the first day! :o) Please tell Justin that I hope that the "good crazy" school year goes by really fast for him! :O))



Dawn said...

Awww. so glad the "big' and the "littles"had good first days.
They really are just too darned cute!

Gail said...

Just stopping by to catch up...what a great post Lori. So happy they had an awesome first day...gosh they are growing up so fast. Adorable!

Tammie said...

I'm so happy to hear that the 1st day went well for all 3! I know you were concerned in particular for J. ;-)

I love all of the pics from today but the one of Katie Starr hugging Ethan is the bestest.

We5Chois said...

Too cute1 I love the way Katie is holding E's hand before school - she is an incredible big sister.

Good luck to Mr J - he is a winner and winners never lose.

Glad everyone had a great day including and especially Mama.
Hugs to you all.

awaitingmissemily said...

Such cuties!!!
I love the Kai Lan accessories. Katie is precious.

And Ethan has grown by leaps and bounds this summer. He doesn't even look like the same little boy that you brought home from China

Love Letters To China said...

So glad all the kiddos had great days at school. I would have been "freaking out" if one of my kids buses was an hour late! I'm so glad he arrived home safe and sound.

I hope you are able to get lots of work accomplished (and a little play) while they're in school.


Lisa said...

Love how your cuties are so affectionate towards each other! I soooo hear you with needing the time during the day to get stuff done. Isn't it strange having kids at totally different spots in life (big and littles) and believing that you're mom to all of them? :-)

Mary McG in TN said...

It looks like Ethan has matured so much in the last few posts! Guess it is just the going to school that makes him look older! Katie of course is too cute for words. I am so glad that Katie has gotten to wear the patch. My granddaughter was too young and had to be 'dropped'. She would cry every morning saying, "No drops, Momma." That just tears your heart out.

Once again, how is Marc doing?

Lesa said...

Good to hear that they had a wonderful first day of school. They are so cute!