Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big year ahead for our big guy

The school year has rolled around once again and this is a particularly important one; not nearly as much for the Dynamic Duo, as for my big guy, Justin. Justin is starting his third and final year of law school tomorrow and begins his internship or clinic as they call it. He will be working in a law firm in the area of his interest; Environmental Law.

I am so proud of Justin. He has worked so hard and now he is in the home stretch, about to embark on his life's work. I have always stressed to him that he must choose a vocation in life that fulfills him and he is passionate about. I believe that he has followed that advice and chosen an area of law that will do just that for him and in the grand scheme of things will benefit many, including future generations.

Justin, as make us so proud and even more importantly sweetheart, you should be truly proud of yourself.

We love you,

Mom, Dad and the DD


Vivian M said...

Way to go Justin! Hope this year you accomplish everything you set your heart and mind to!

We5Chois said...

Justin, congrats on making it this far. You are in the home stretch, we are all so proud of you.
Good luck for an incredible year ahead.

Mary McG in TN said...

I know that Justin is just as proud as you are ... as he should be. This year down then next the BAR!!! After that he can go to the bar as often as he likes!!!! LOL Still praying for your DH - any news on that front?

Candy said...

Good Luck in your final year. Hoping it's not too stressful.

Keep up the good work!

charlesdowney said...

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