Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I need to wrap my guy in bubble wrap

Sounds like this is gonna be a little kinky but alas there is no kink involved here whatsoever....Drats!! OK, I digress but hey, like I said to my friend Monica, who I was speaking to earlier today, at least we have our humor!

Last evening, we were going to hang with a couple of friends that were in town visiting for the week. Marc went into the closet to pick out a pair of slacks, bent down to the bottom rack where he keeps them and ***BOINK!!*** he pokes his eye on a hanger and yells out in pain. He then yelled out to me that he hurt his eye...and he was in quite a bit of pain! We moved into fast forward as it was just 5:00 and we knew that the eye doctor's office would be closed soon, if it was not already. Marc called and left a message at the office and then put all of our plans on hold. Minutes later the Doctor called and said that if the pain was excruciating, then we should go to the emergency room and if not then she would see him at 7:30 am the next day. Marc's pain had subsided by this time and we made the decision that the ER was not the place that anyone in his physical condition wants to be, especially when he is this close to open heart surgery.

It all worked out fine...we waited, our friends came for their visit and then Marc went to the Doctor this morning. He did indeed have a corneal abrasion but it was already healing well and that nothing needed to be done...whew!! We were glad that he had it checked out and ruled out something worse. See what I mean about wrapping my man up in bubble wrap!!

I am really on a heightened state of worry when it comes to Marc. I find myself constantly monitoring his eating, fluid intake, sleeping and general well being. He is much more tired than he has ever been and I am basically counting the days until his surgery...there are 12 left to be exact.

Marc is my life, along with my children and I find myself tearing up quite a bit as I think of anything more serious happening to him. The death of his father almost three weeks ago has cast a sadness over him that I see every day, even though he does not show it to the outside world. I know him so well, really as well as I know myself. His sadness is revealed when we speak of Big Al, when we are doing something relaxing like watching TV and I see him staring into space, when he sleeps and I can hear it in his dreams and feel it in his restlessness.

Oh, I just want to protect him from anymore hurt, pain or sadness and please oh please, put this phase behind us, once and for all.


Wanda said...

I wish courage for you right now as you wait for this next step to be over. It certainly is a difficult time for you all.

On a completely different note - the word verification (below) for this post is "horni". Ahem.....sort of made me smile a bit.

Monica said...

If Marc could be healed by love alone he would be well & live into the triple digits. Going into this surgery & recuperation the thing that will carry him along is the love you have for him & the love of his family.

Although I still vote for bubble wrap, football helmut with full face guard and elbow & knee pads to round it out. :-)

Lisa said...

Funny, I was thinking the same thing yesterday when I first read your fb post about this. PUT HIM IN A BUBBLE! I understand your concern and pray for the very best outcome for Marc's surgery and I'm glad his eye is ok.

Invisible Hands said...

I have never so much wanted a friend to have a peaceful life back. I'm faithfully believing that 12 days from now you will be heading back into the land of blah and boring where nothing medically noteworthy happens for a long, long time!

Mary McG in TN said...

I know that you and Marc can not wait for this surgery to be over! Once that is finished and he is having more energy, then he can deal with his father's death. It takes a year not to be so focused on this. After the year, then he will always, always miss him but the deep hurt will subside.

Blessing on you as you all face this next trauma.

Donna said...

And I think you need a piece of bubble wrap for your heart too!

I'm so looking forward to the day this is all behind you.


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Tammie said...

Bubble wrap? I can probably find some. And of course a huge cardboard box to keep him in also!

Vivian M said...

Girl, what a way to start the new year. I pray this phase will be behind you once and for all soon too!