Monday, October 05, 2009

Baby Girl!

No, not for us...for Katie.....sometime in the future. OK, let me elaborate before you all become completely unglued by my inflammatory sentence fragments!

On the way home from Preschool today, Katie asked me for the umpteenth time, this week alone, why we cannot have a baby sister. I once again explained that we were very happy with the three children that we have been blessed with and that there would be no more children. (actually, after our mischief man completed our family we reached our limit in all areas) We lovingly call him our "adoption stopper."

Of course, that did not really appease her, so I went on to explain that someday she would have her own baby if she wanted one. Katie was *OVERJOYED* with that little fact and proceeded to tell me what she was going to do with her VERY OWN baby!

"Mommy, I am going to dress her, feed her and give her a bottle."

"That is awesome Katie"

"You are going to have to change her diapers though, I am not going to do that!!"

At this point I was hysterically laughing, "Why do I have to change the diapers?!?"

Katie very seriously replied, "I am not going to deal with any accidents, you are going to have to do that Mommy!"

She then went on to tell me what she only wanted one baby girl and no other babies. She did not elaborate as to why she wanted an only child but since I am going to be dealing with the "accidents", I am pretty darn happy to hear it!

That girl is a smart one!


Tammie said...

Boy! That Starr of yours has one heck of a plan. What's she gonna do if her baby has an accident & you're hiding? ;-)

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Actually, by the time that she has a baby girl, I will have probably lost my sense of smell, so it's all good!

Love Letters To China said...

These kids of ours are so darn funny! You already know that my girl has it all planned out too... 4 kids, 3 girls/1 boy... all from China. BTW, I love your picture of Katie... was it taken in school?

Lesa said...

Lori, that is precious. I hope Wendy will be satisfied with our adoption stopper once we get him. ha
Not long now!
She is a cutie!!