Saturday, October 24, 2009

Home is where Marc's healthy heart is...

Yes, we are home and so thankful to be here. We actually got home two days ahead of schedule. Marc's doctor gave him a clean bill of health on Tuesday and by Wednesday we started our two day journey back to South Florida.

As I reported in my last post it was a very successful surgery and other than one bad day during the hospital stay it has been a fairly easy recovery. If you can belive it, Marc is actually going to supervise a gig tonight so in essence he is back to work. Don't worry though, he is under strict orders from the boss (me:) not to dare lift one piece of equipment or do anything else that would jeopardize a full recovery. It is amazing that they can do open heart surgery robotically and make it minimally invasive. He does not have to deal with the trauma and aftermath of having his chest cracked open (ouch)Just seven tiny incisions to heal...amazing!!!

We are so relieved to be ending such a scary chapter in our lives that began this past father's Day when Marc first fell ill, it has been a really rough few months but now we move on to a healthier and more productive next chapter.

There were many positives that came from that negative. There usually are if you just look for them. The first was that it reminds us that Marc and I have a very strong bond that perseveres during the good and the bad. That bond has been tested mightily over these past couple of years between illness and financial challenges and we always pull together and come out stronger and more secure. I am very thankful to have such a strong partner to share this life with.

We also have found that our family and friends are truly there for us when the going gets tough. The support has been unbelievable, both emotionally and with the huge outpouring of financial support coming out of the fundraiser that was sponsored by Marc's Professional Association. We have so many thank you's to deliver and we will do so as soon as possible.

Last but certainly not least, we are so thankful to our families for their support. Marc's Mom traveled with us to Atlanta to assist us with the DD while Marc was hospitalized and recuperating. My dad and sister came to Atlanta to lend their support during the surgery. My mom and Justin held the fort down and took care of things back here, so we did not have to worry at all, including taking care of our fur baby Gabby and our fish and frog :)

One sadness that remains is the loss of Marc's dad during this very difficult period of our life and the fact that he never had the opportunity to know that Marc had a successful outcome. He worried so much about this surgery and he ultimately lost his life due to complications of his diabetes; one of which was a bad mitral valve which ultimately caused heart failure..the same valve that Marc had repaired. Marc would have loved to have been able to share this happiness with his dad and he misses him very much every day.

The best tribute and honor to his dad and to all those that he loves, is for Marc to use this opportunity that he has been given to keep his body healthy and strong and not overdo it as he sometimes can. Believe me, that if I have anything to do with it (and I do) he will pace himself better.

Sounds cliche, but take each day and make it very special for those that you love and who love you. Remember the little things, they make all of the difference. I met a woman who's mom was in critical condition due to complications from the same bacteria that Marc fell ill to. She was not as fortunate as Marc and it was not diagnosed as quickly as Marc's was. When we left, she was on a ventilator, days after heart surgery of three valves and in addition was in kidney failure and on Dialysis. She was only five years older than Marc and her future is very much in question. Her only daughter was constantly at her bedside willing her to live and to come out of this but I fear if she does, the future will not be an easy one. That could have been my husband and we both know it. I am not going to waste one more minute of my life on anything that I do not find gratifying and worthwhile. It is a new day for me and my family and our new motto is Carpe Diem! Sieze the day! I hope that you do too!

With love and thankfulness,


Dawn said...

Sometimes those moldy old cliches, don't sweat the small stuff, stop and smell the roses etc, etc, are what we need to remember.
Enjoy your new outlook on life, do seize the moment and not the day.
Looking forward to lots of silliness reported here on the blog as you say adios to all the hardships of the last few months.
Big hugs to your family from our family.
love me

Mama Duck said...

I am so glad that things have been going well, and that Marc is on the road to recovery! This was a terrific post; definitely worth some thought. :)

My word verification was "bundles"--I always think that word verifications can be ironic sometimes. I'm wishing you all bundles of good memory-making years together!

Wanda said...

What a great post. A good reminder to us all.

I'm so glad your back on home turf and all is well.

Love Letters To China said...

Oh my dear friend, it fills my heart with happiness to read the words you have written. I am so overjoyed to hear that Marc is doing so well and you can finally put this horrible time in your life behind you. You are a strong woman and I look up to the way you have handled yourself during such trying times. Big hugs from your dear friend! Can't wait to actually give them to you in person!

Candy said...

We are so happy for your family and how wonderful Marc is doing.

You are a strong woman and your strength is what gave Marc the strength to pull through this so quickly.

BIG (((HUGS)))!!!

Lisa~~ said...

So happy to hear that everything went well and that Marc is doing well. Wishing you all many years of health and love together.

Donna said...

It's so good to read that things are going so well and life is getting back to normal!

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Tammie said...

I think that people all over are rejoicing in Marc's renewed health. I know that I certainly gave thanks when I heard his surgery is over. After hearing that the docs believe his surgery was a total success, I know that miracles do occur.

Big Al knows that Marc is healthy & recovered. And he is smiling down upon his family seeing the joy that you now have the opportunity to live with.

Bush Babe said...

Oh honey... hugs from a woman who knows a little about heart surgery.

Lovely to hear your family's good outcome from a bad situation. Stay healthy.