Sunday, October 25, 2009

It is always a treat to spend time with our FCC family

Today was our annual FCC Halloween Bash!! As always, the children had a wonderful time and the adults enjoyed watching the children and catching up with each other. Making it even more special this year was how warmly Marc was welcomed back from his time away in the hospital. He looked so happy to be amidst close friends who feel much more like extended family as my dear friend Grace says.

I always say that the additional blessing that came from the adoption of our DD was all of the wonderful people that it brought into our life.

Enjoy the pictures of our little Barbie Cheerleader, her brother the fireman and many of their adorable friends!


Dawn said...

I truly believe that families that don't have adopted children in them are truly missing out on so much!
We are blessed in so many areas and it is all because of our amazing children.

Such a wonderful afternoon. the fireman and the cheerleader were adorable.

Diana said...

They look adorable!!!
I so miss mine being that age.
I agree with the above comment about missing out on so much..when my oldest was little we were in a group with adopted kids from Korea and had so much fun:)
Adoption is WONDERFUL!!!

Tamara said...

Lori- I can't believe how big the DD is getting!
I agree with you on the people that adoption has brought into my life. I have met many friends- and some that I consider to be like family through the adoptions of my daughters.
Glad that Marc is doing well- and we hope to see you soon!

Teresa said...

The adoption community, both local and extended truly is like having extended family. When one rejoices, we all rejoice. When one greives, we all grieve. It really is amazing. We may have differences of opinions on other matters, but when it comes to supporting each other, we are always there to help, physically, emotionally, financially, it doesn't matter. And for that I am grateful.

Love the pictures. What a great group of "extended" families!

M3 said...

Aw, Happy Halloween to the cutest little firefighter and cheerleader around!

Love Letters To China said...

As always, we enjoyed spending time with all our friends. We are truly blessed to have you guys in our life. I LOVE your pictures! We've got to think about going to a class together. Now that your life is starting to slow down, maybe we can consider doing something soon. HUGS...

Tammie said...

It was wonderful to have you guys back home where you belong & able to party with the group! Seeing Marc look like his old self brought the tears to the surface for me. He really was shining. If I could only hug the doctors who worked on him!

Erin had so much fun Sunday afternoon. Too bad I was so darn tired. I didn't get even 1 picture of any of the children - even Erin! I passed out when I got home. (What else could I do without internet?)