Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bridal weekend draws to a close on a very high note!

The much anticipated bridal weekend was a huge success and drew to a close today in a most wonderful fashion. Judy's parents hosted the bridal shower and they give new meaning to the phrase "Hosts with the most." They completely outdid themselves. The party was held in their backyard, which is truly an oasis by any standard. Judy's dad owns a landscaping company and he has truly created a showcase of his talents in their yard. The flora and fauna that he has cultivated is just breathtaking! It was the backdrop to a beautifully decorated patio and gazebo area. The brilliant blue skies and amazing weather just made it all that much more wonderful.

The day was highlighted with tasty food, great company, fun games and the feeling of love in the air.

It was a women's only shower but Justin was invited in for one (very fun) game and to open the gifts with Judy. I kept watching them and thinking that I just cannot believe how my baby boy has turned into such a great man and is embarking upon this new chapter with the beautiful woman, who he has loved for 6 years. It really made me quite misty in a very good way.

I also must say that Marc and I feel so blessed by the fact that this union has brought our two families together. Judy's family and our family just love each other so much and when we are together we are truly one family. We could not have wished for anything better than that.

Here are some pics from this wonderful day that this mama will always remember.


Beautiful atmosphere


Me with my son, the happy groom to be


Me and Judy, the happy bride to be


Enjoying ourselves


Judy and Joyce - Two beautiful sisters


One of the amazing floral centerpieces


The games and fun that was planned for us


Shannon and Pattie, dear family friends


Our table minus Kira who was away from the table


This was just before the game that was planned for Justin. Doesn't he look a bit nervous?? Well, he should be. He had to answer questions about Judy and if he got incorrect answers his penalty was to put on an article of lingerie. He did not know as much as he should of and..................


This was the end result. Believe me when I tell you that there were many more pictures but for the sake of family harmony, I will only show this one of his backside! Thank goodness that he is a good sport!!


Judy's dad looked pretty amused as were the rest of us.


sharing something private


My mom and another dear friend, Kira


Judy and her girls (bridesmaids and Holly on the left is her maid of honor) They did a fab job organizing the festivities.


Sharing some fun while opening gifts.


Next party will be the wedding reception. We cannot wait!!


Wanda said...

Wow, now that's a bridal shower. Just beautiful.


Wanda (At Last...)

Candy said...

Beautiful! The location looked fab.

Love Letters To China said...

It looks like you had a great time. The location is beautiful! So glad everything turned out so well.

Tammie said...

Everything looked so beautiful!