Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bridal Weekend Heats Up!

Justin and Judy's wedding is approaching at the speed of light and in anticipation of that event, we are in the midst of bridal weekend, with last night being the bachelorette party and tomorrow being the bridal shower.

Our plans were to go to a Drag Show/Dinner as a group, with the mother's in attendance and then the youngins would go off after to do what they do. A couple of my friends, who Judy has befriended, were invited as well which was really nice for me.

I got myself dolled up and then before it was time to leave Marc wanted to take some pictures of me. Since I get a lot of complaints that you all hardly see me on this blog, the next four pics from my photo shoot are for you.





We arrived at the club, got seated and waited for the fun to begin. These men/women were fabulous!! They were funny, campy, sexy and just over the top. We had a blast. The first pic is of one of the entertainers bending over me and me giving her a little love in the way of a tip (wink)


Then this lovely wo/man had all of the women at my table mesmerized with the fact that her legs reached her armpits...what a bod!


Our waitress was also an entertainer. She was outrageous!!


Here is my girl, Kira


Judy's lovely mom and sister, Elsa and Joyce


and my other girl, Shannon :)


Here is the beautiful bride to be, my soon to be daughter in law, Judy


Judy got pulled on stage and of course things heated up a notch but hey, what happens in the drag club needs to stay in the drag club.

My only complaint about the evening was that it was far too short. When I walked into the house my hubby was shocked that I was home so early. He knows me very well and this mama can still party like a rock star but alas, this night was for another star and it was her party so.......

I am sure that I can find something to celebrate soon so that we can partake in a little more fun!


Vivian M said...

Girl, you look FABULOUS! and those drag queens have nothing on you!!

dawn said...

Aren't you under mountains of stress right now? You'd never know it cos you really do look wonderful. Foxy, in fact......he he he. I forget how you came by that name but it's true.

Gawd those "shims" are downright hot. Does that make me freaky?

December 5th is just around the corner you can party like a rock star then and you wont need a new outfit. ~Wink

Love Letters To China said...

You look gorgeous! I bet you would have out lasted all those yungins! Glad you had such a great time... I'm ready whenever you are to become rock stars!

Tammie said...

You look gorgeous!!

It looks like everyone had a great time. And, dear me, those legs are sky high! Yikes!

Mary McG in TN said...

.... your photos are fab!!! You are a beautiful mother of the groom. You go girl!!

Donna said...


You look fantastic! Love the hair, the shirt the sassy attitude -- EVERYTHING! What a fun time!

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Candy said...

Sounds like a blast of an evening. And you all look beautiful.