Monday, November 23, 2009

There is quite a bit of power in that tiny package!

It was a crazy busy weekend and to be quite honest, I am exhausted. I usually have great stamina and can go days without a lot of sleep and really be no worse for the wear. Today is different though. After a weekend of non stop action and in addition Katie fighting the beginnings of asthma, there has been no rest for the weary.

I thought about what I wanted to post today and one thing kept coming back to my mind and that is the DD's very good friend, Erin.

Erin is the daughter of Tammie and David, two wonderful friends of ours that came into our lives through what I always call the "miracle of adoption." Since the moment that Erin met both members of the DD, they have had an amazing connection. Erin has an especially strong connection with Ethan. Tammie told me that from the moment she saw his referral photo she said to her mom that "he was hers!" She feels very protective of E and it is a very common sight at most of our FCC gatherings to see Ethan in Erin's arms. she totes him everywhere. This has become much more difficult of late as he is getting bigger and heavier. Erin is as petite as she is beautiful. As strong as she is, the little mama is going to have to let him walk on his own soon *SNORT* Here are a couple of photos that I found that will show you what I am talking about. In these, she has E on her lap.



Erin is smart, strong, compassionate and loving. Marc and I always marvel at all of her wonderful qualities and we know that the devotion of her parents has played a huge role in nurturing this amazing little soul.

OK, now that you have the background on Erin, it brings me to what stood out in my mind this weekend. During our FCC Picnic, Erin and her Karate team gave our group a demonstration of their skills.

There she was, this little seven year old spitfire, adorned in her blue belt, not only keeping up but excelling with children several years senior to her. You could see how the other kids felt towards Erin and how much she respected them as well. When they performed, I was so proud for her, her family and for us. How lucky are we to have this beautiful child in our lives. She is truly a role model for the children that are coming up after her.

I caught all of the action on my camera. These are the raw images but I really wanted to get them on here before too much time had passed. You can see Erin here from introduction through the finale. There was even a demonstration of her skills when attacked from behind by a much larger girl.

Erin; our pride and respect for you is immense. We love you sweet girl.

waiting to start
very patiently
Let's get this party started!










Being introduced after the demo and then leading the ending ritual


That went well!



Tammie said...


When you asked me earlier if you could post a few pics of Erin on your blog, I thought you'd find a few from the picnic along with the other children.

Instead, I find myself sitting here crying at your beautiful ode to my girl. Your pictures have really captured Erin's inner spirit - one I hope she eventually shares with the world.

As for Ethan ever walking while Erin is around? I'm pretty sure we're going to be talking with them about this for quite a while yet. Erin tells me "Mama, Ethan is not heavy. He's mine."

I love you my friend.

Bella Parties with Lisa said...

Awwwww. I think it's so cute how Erin mothers him! Great job on the pics, Lori, you caught a few awesome ones!

Tam, here, have a tissue....

Anonymous said...
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Julie said...

Erin is and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. I sure would want her WITH me in a dark alley.

Dawn said...

I hope no one ever messes with Ethan when erin is around. LOL
She truly is amazing, and her parents ain't bad either.

I can't believe she took the big kid out...dang!

Carol and Taylor said...

I have no trouble at all picturing her as one of the Charlie's Angels, taking out the bad guys. One teeny tiny can of major whoop-a$$!

I love it! Go Erin!

Vivian M said...

Boy do I wish I could have been there to see this in person! Thank you so very much for sharing these pictures, they made one little "godsister" very happy today!