Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This is feeling a bit like a job and unfortunately there is no pay!

I made the commitment to blog daily for National Blog Posting Month, but man oh man, it is not easy! Today, I feel like I have hit a bit of a dry spell, so if any of my wonderful readers would like to ask me a question or even suggest a topic, I would so appreciate it. It would give me a little fuel to keep going and fulfill my promise.

C'mon friends, help a fellow blogger out! I promise as long as the question or topic is not out of bounds, I promise to respond.

One more thing friends, I get about 250 hits a day and so I would love to hear from those who do not normally comment in addition to my loyal supporters.


tweeters said...

You asked for comments. :-)

I'm a college student and I found your blog because I "cyber-know" Sherri McInnis who posted on some of the same gymnastics message boards as me. I'm also a gymnast here at the University of Iowa. I found your blog when Sherri was adopting Cami and I liked reading about your family. I hope that doesn't make me creepy!

I blog about football at http://www.hawkeyefbchick.blogspot.com


Gina said...

Not a question but a comment for you ~ I've been reading your blog for awhile. Well, I was at the mall the other day and when I walked out of the Disney Store, I saw their graphic tees. They have a Dynamic Duo shirt...it's a boy's style but I still instantly thought of you when I saw it! Here's a link to it -


Monica said...

Keep going, I'm right there with you!

Well my question might be out of bounds...do you still have the nurses uniform? ;-)

Kate said...

Hello, I'm delurking.
I read regularly. I'm a fellow China AP, my daughter is just 3 and came home in July 07. We live in Wales and we're hoping for a SN little sister from Thailand, but it's going to take years and years. I blog too at www.kes44p.com
Thanks for sharing life with the DD, I love reading about it,

Dawn said...

How did you meet marc? I hope it isn't to personal. If it is I'll just shake it out of you next time me we meet.

Vivian M said...

Any idea what you are getting the DD for the holidays this year? I am having such a hard time with Kerri, no idea what she wants!

Samantha and Woody said...

Just saying HI - I know how you feel, if it weren't for my feed checker that assures me I have visitors by the hour, my long list of posts with 0 comments would have made me give up long ago!

Mary McG in TN said...

Lori, I have been enjoying your posts! It is good that you are (at the moment) at a point in your life that you can once again blog. Once Marc got sick I understood that there was no time or want to write. It is great having you back!!

Someone asked what you were giving the DD for the holidays. A suggestion to you and her - I have gotten my soon to be 3 year old a bouncy ball. She loves to jump and is so active I hope this will wear her out ... some. They are on line, but I found Disney ones at Wal Mart for $8!!! Our PE teacher said it was sturdy and even blew it up for me. ... Just a thought.

tweeters said...

Shoot, I screwed up my own blog address!

In case you want to know: http://hawkeyechickfbfan.blogspot.com

Tammie said...

The only question I have is "When will your dad blog again for us?" He is an amazing storyteller & I truly enjoy reading what he has to say.